10 responses to “10 Things You Need to Know About GolfNow’s Mobile App”

  1. Andy Stetson says:

    Say I’m using a Sony Smartwatch 3 (with built-in GPS), can I park my cart on the path, wander across the fairway, and still accurately have my position? Or do I have to have my phone on me? (this scenario, lets say the cart is out of bluetooth range).

    • GolfNow_Blog says:

      Hi Andy. Since the GPS for our app comes from the phone, it’s better to put in your pocket than to leave it in the golf cart. That way you can be sure your yardages are accurate. Enjoy!

  2. Jon Vaughn says:

    Will this work for a Samsung Gear Neo 2 watch (paired with a Samsung Note 4 phone)??

  3. Jason Stampfli says:

    I purchased the app through iTunes and was able to login in after I purchased. I don’t know how I got signed out on my phone, but now I am unable to log in because I didn’t purchase directly through Golfnow and have no way of logging in. please help.

    • GolfNow_Blog says:

      Hi Jason! We’re going to see if we can pinpoint the issue and resolve this for you. We’ll reach out via the email address you provided for this comment as soon as possible. Thanks!

  4. Cannon Fears says:

    Should a player be assessed a 2 stroke penalty for asking another player what the distance is reading on their GPS.

  5. Allan Newland says:

    Why can’t I get golf now on my iPad?

    • GolfNow_Blog says:

      Hi Allan. While this version of the GolfNow app is not
      fully optimized for tablet users, we are in the process of working on a version that is specially designed for iPads. This version will be available at a later date for tablet users, so hang in there! Thank you for your time and patience!

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