9 responses to “10 Things You Need to Know About GolfNow’s New Mobile App”

  1. TC says:

    Sounds good. Will this upgrade be available for the IPad anytime soon?

  2. Mike Choi says:

    Installed GN for Android, and found tee time searching works. But I can’t change my tee time searching criteria. I see the screen for changing tee time searching criteria, but can’t find any button to start search with this criteria.

  3. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi TC – The current version can be downloaded and used now for iPad, though it’s not fully optimized for tablet users. We are
    in the process of working on a version that is specially designed for the
    tablet. This version will be available later in the year for tablet users, so
    hang in there! Thanks!

  4. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Mike! To change your tee time search criteria on an Android device, you’ll want to tap the check mark at the top left of the screen to execute your search based on the criteria you’ve selected. I’ve included a screen shot here. Let us know if you need any other help!

  5. Eric Kiseda says:

    I have I phone 5 and want to know if I need to upgrade from 6.1 version to ios 7-8 for new app?

  6. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi @Eric! Yes, for the optimal GolfNow mobile app experience, you’ll need to have iOS version 7 or 8.

  7. Jon Vaughn says:

    Having a new Samsung Gear 2 Neo and using it with other golf apps, I’d like to see GolfNow display yardage and keep score using the Gear. Any plans?

  8. joshschreder says:

    Is it transferable ?

  9. Joseph Gearon says:

    Terrible customer service

    GolfNow customer service is terrible. Kacey in
    New York was not helpful and rude. There were 2 tee times available for this
    reservation @ 8:30 AM CST. I hit Book Now on your mobile app for 1 reservation,
    which then removed the tee time from the system. I waited for my email
    confirmation which didn’t come. At 9:30 AM the single remaining reservation was
    still available, which I chose not to book, as I didn’t want to be charged
    twice. At 10:30 I call customer service, which told me that I didn’t reserve
    the tee time, and further, someone else did.The initial CS rep refused to do
    anything for me, and then escalated me to Kacey in NY.She refused to do
    anything for me, and said that it was my fault that I never booked the tee

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