54 responses to “Want to Play a Round of Golf with Graeme McDowell?”

  1. chilebeen says:

    and the pints are on him. whooo hooo

  2. CT says:


  3. john says:

    I love the game of golf buddy.

  4. manfred says:

    when do i recive my extra play for the 2 buddys i singed up

    • GolfNow_Blog says:

      Hi manfred! If your friends entered the contest, then you automatically received two additional entries for the grand prize drawing. Good luck!

  5. GB says:

    Love love golf, play 18 holes everyday

  6. TK says:

    We followed you around the 2013 Honda Classic.
    TK Krumenacker

  7. ted clark says:

    sure hope I win this Graeme is one of my favorite golfers

  8. Madeleine Barnes says:

    Watching Graeme McDowell is very inspiring. Very much like is attitude.
    Would be a privilege to golf with him and to have him visit my golf club The Rivermead, Aylmer, Québec, Canada.
    Kind regards
    Madeleine Barnes

  9. Don says:

    will I ever make that tap in putt? or are U just funning me?

  10. bob Strassman says:

    If I should win maybe graeme could come to our course and play, continental co. Club.wildwood.fl.heres hoping thanks bob strassman

  11. Marty says:

    Graeme is quite a gentleman on and off the course and I would consider it areal honor and pleasure to golf with him.

  12. Denny says:

    A great opportunity to say the least. Thank you.

  13. Al Lazzaro says:

    While in Orlando I visited Noma Blue for a pint and was truly impressed how well Grahams employees spoke of him. No wonder everyone including me and my buddies would be thrilled to win this amazing opportunity. It’s wonderful to see a person with his success that still relates to all and acknowledges friends,fans and employees. Graham is a true “GENTLEMAN”

  14. Beneranda says:

    That is not what the TV announcer says. Your site is a hooe! If you are to try to get a great golf getaway application with Graeme McDowell, you should not have to go to all the hoops and jumps of “YOUR” game. Shame on you for such SCAM!!!

  15. George says:

    I am a senior golfer with a 7handicap. My sons are very good golfers and it would be a pleasure of my lifetime to play with a tremendous pro golfer as Graeme McDowell. Thanxs.

  16. Mike O'Brien says:

    Maybe next year Sirxon could convince 9 more PGA golfers to follow Graeme example of being such a good sport by getting involved. As an added feature require everybody to pay a $ 25.00 dollar fee to join the competition and donate all of the money raised to the First Tee Org.

  17. Lou Tabor says:

    My wife Portia and I just recently lost our only daughter from cancer. Golf has been a great outlet to help us recover from her death. Portia is probably the greatest Graeme fan and would love to play golf with him.


    I am also a fan of graeme, I think Graeme is a classic golf professional and I would love to play with Graeme. However, there are those out there who are more deserving than I. Hearing what Lou and Portia Tabor went through with their only daughter’s death fighting cancer, they
    should get an opportunity to play with Graeme, it playing with Graeme help to ease the pain in their heart of having to lost their daughter with the battle of cancer, they both deserve this getaway. its good to get away even for a few days. It helps to ease the pain. They have gone through so much emotionally hardship and the lost can never be replaced.

  19. golferlady44 says:

    Would love to win this as a surprise for my husband on our 50th wedding anniversary. We played his home course in Ireland and loved it (as well as playing 142 different courses in the UK and Ireland. Are we crazy about golf? YES!

  20. GMAC says:

    I think it would be great to win ….But if I am not lucky, I would like to get some direction on how to get a Srixon hat with GMAC on the back… Any help would really be appreciated. Gerry Mac Millan (GMAC)

  21. JERRY LOWE says:


  22. R.E. KING says:


  23. RWR says:

    I have four sons, what a great way to share a wonderful experiance with them, that
    in my opinion could only happen once in a life time. We live in three different states so we don’t get togeather much anymore. (how wonderful that would be!) I know the millions of golfers out there have the same wish, so happy golfing and good luck to all.

  24. Dave Lowe says:

    I no my chance of winning is slim to none. the reason I know this is because slim walked out the door. thanks for opportunity

  25. Rolf Bojanowski says:

    What about a Canadian ( German ) guy….ME, wins this fantastic prize????

  26. MissGreenEyesNaples says:

    Celebrating my birthday on October 23..what could be a better birthday present than this?? Plus–i’m in Naples…easy breezy to go to other coast!

  27. Lucy Barbour says:

    When am I going to make the putt? What is with Congratulations showing on the
    screen first before the putt.

  28. joe says:

    will you let us know who wins this,thanks,joe

  29. Nancy says:

    Just received my hat yesterday

  30. joe knese says:

    please tell me who won

  31. Lucy Barbour says:

    so who won..????

  32. Lucy Barbour says:

    Gee, I don’t know what to do since I’m not practicing my putt….I feel lost

  33. joe knese says:

    I think this a big joke. why wont anyone tell us who won? I cant believe Graeme would be a part of this fraud

  34. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Attention Graeme fans: We selected a contest winner last
    week! Check your inbox to see if you’re the lucky one with an email from our
    sweepstakes partner ePrize inviting you to play golf with Graeme McDowell!

  35. Suzzi Virgil says:

    I made the putt and haven’t received my prize. even if its a hat, I would enjoy it!!!

    • GolfNow_Blog says:

      Hi Suzzi! Congrats on making the putt! You should have received an email from our contest partners at ePrize with instructions on how to claim your prize.

  36. I love your blog

    I have read this article and enjoyed it

  37. I liked your blog very much.

    I want to thank you for the contribution.

  38. Laurie Charlick says:

    link for contest is not working,, 🙁

  39. Impossible to register for Graeme McDowell’s Golf trip. Site has been taken over by helloworld.com. What a bunch of crap.!!!!!!

  40. Luigi Ravera says:

    I would love to play with Gmac, Srixon equipment would be nice too.

  41. Fred says:

    Big Talk, tried to enter right after seeing Graeme on TV and could not. It had already expired. Is this a joke?

    • Lindsey says:

      Hi Fred. Definitely not a joke. We are giving away a round with GMAC in Ireland – looks like you tried to enter a previous sweepstakes we held with Graeme a few years back. Visit http://www.golfnow.com/Graeme and you can enter the current contest. Good luck!

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