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10 Things You Need to Know About GolfNow’s Mobile App

Recent enhancements to the GolfNow mobile app for iPhone and Android – including watch-specific versions for Apple Watch and Android Wear – have brought some new and improved features, including even easier tee time searching!

Make sure you’re maximizing your time on the course with these top 10 tips:

1. It’s STILL FREE! – Just like in the past, GolfNow offers 24/7 access to millions of tee times at over 6,000 courses around the world, and just like always, you can download the GolfNow mobile app at no cost.

You can opt for even more features with the annual premium membership, including on-course GPS at more than 30,000 courses, score tracking for you and your foursome and game analysis statistics. If you choose to upgrade to premium, it’s $29.99 a year – plus you receive a $20 Hot Deals promo code, so really it’s $10 a year for the additional features.

 2. You Can Still Get HOT DEALS – Can’t get enough of those great Hot Deals tee times? Never fear, they’re still there. Here’s how to find them…

  • Click on Tee Times on the homepage screen, then click on the REFINE in the TOP RIGHT corner for iOS and Android users tap on the FILTER sliders button in the TOP RIGHT corner.
  • Here, you can default your settings to only return Hot Deals, or to show all tee times.
  • You can also select VIEW and choose Hot Deals only.



3. Want to Change Your SEARCH LOCATION? No problem! – The new app defaults to show you tee times near your current location, but this is easy to change. Just start typing a city, state, zip code, course name or landmark in the search bar at the top either from the Tee Times tab or from your app home screen. Results will appear, and you select the one you want.



4. Use the REFINE BUTTON to Change Your Tee Time Search Criteria – If you’re an iPhone user, you can also change your preferred price range, distance to the course, number of golfers, time of day, and how many holes you want to play by tapping on the REFINE button in the TOP RIGHT corner.

Android users, tap on the “filter” sliders button at the top right to make the changes.

The app will remember your last advanced search criteria settings every time you launch it, so you shouldn’t have to update this frequently.


5. Searching for Tee Times is Easier Than You Think – We’ve made finding the perfect tee time even easier! Just tap VIEW within the tee times tab, and you can choose your preference: Course, List or Hot Deals for iOS. On Android, you can also tap on VIEW and select from Course, List, Hot Deals or Map.

Plus, you can search for future tee times by tapping on the date at the top of the Tee Time search screen and select the date of your choice.

6. You Can SORT Tee Time Results – Want to see the closest tee times in your search first? Or maybe the least expensive? You can sort your tee time results based on all these criteria by clicking on SORT on the UPPER RIGHT, and then select rating, course, time, distance or price.

You can also see tee time results on a map by clicking on MAP VIEW in the Tee Times tab for iOS and by clicking on VIEW, then MAP for Android.



7. We’ll Give You DIRECTIONS to the Course – Playing someplace new and not entirely sure how to get there? GolfNow’s mobile app has a map of the course and directions. Once you’ve selected the course and tee time you’re thinking about reserving, tap “Course Details.”

Voila, it opens up a map view with information about the course. If you tap the map or address, you’ll see a larger view of the map and directions are located in the TOP RIGHT corner of the expanded map view.




8. You Can Read Course RATINGS & REVIEWS by Golf Advisor – If you want to see what other golfers are saying about the course you’re thinking about booking, you can also find this in the Course Details. Just tap the stars or number next to course name to see all reviews of the course from It’s like getting advice from 100,000 of your closest golf buddies!



9. See All Your Reservations in One Place – Want to see all your GolfNow tee time reservations, past, present, even cancelled? You can do that by tapping on MENU on the bottom RIGHT of the home screen and clicking on RESERVATIONS.

For Android users, tap on the menu button at the TOP LEFT when on the home screen and click on RESERVATIONS.


10. Now Available for Apple Watch & Android Wear – If you’ve got the latest and greatest gear, you can also use the GPS and scoring functions on your Apple Watch or Android Wear device. Just launch the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone that your watch is paired with when you hit the course.


11. BONUS: Who to Call? – If you need help with the new GolfNow mobile app, please contact Customer Service at 1-855-715-0317  or email If you have app suggestions, we welcome them by email at Enjoy!




12 responses to “10 Things You Need to Know About GolfNow’s Mobile App”

  1. Andy Stetson says:

    Say I’m using a Sony Smartwatch 3 (with built-in GPS), can I park my cart on the path, wander across the fairway, and still accurately have my position? Or do I have to have my phone on me? (this scenario, lets say the cart is out of bluetooth range).

  2. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Andy. Since the GPS for our app comes from the phone, it’s better to put in your pocket than to leave it in the golf cart. That way you can be sure your yardages are accurate. Enjoy!

  3. Jon Vaughn says:

    Will this work for a Samsung Gear Neo 2 watch (paired with a Samsung Note 4 phone)??

  4. GolfNow_Blog says:

    HI Jon. Unfortunately, the GolfNow app is not compatible with Gear Manager at this time, only available for Apple Watch and Android Wear compatible devices. We’ll keep you posted if this should change.

  5. Layla Williams says:

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  6. Jason Stampfli says:

    I purchased the app through iTunes and was able to login in after I purchased. I don’t know how I got signed out on my phone, but now I am unable to log in because I didn’t purchase directly through Golfnow and have no way of logging in. please help.

  7. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Jason! We’re going to see if we can pinpoint the issue and resolve this for you. We’ll reach out via the email address you provided for this comment as soon as possible. Thanks!

  8. Cannon Fears says:

    Should a player be assessed a 2 stroke penalty for asking another player what the distance is reading on their GPS.

  9. Allan Newland says:

    Why can’t I get golf now on my iPad?

  10. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Allan. While this version of the GolfNow app is not
    fully optimized for tablet users, we are in the process of working on a version that is specially designed for iPads. This version will be available at a later date for tablet users, so hang in there! Thank you for your time and patience!

  11. Qwagmire says:

    Most USGA provisions list GPS data as “common” knowledge, which means you can to give if asked. It is not a violation of any rule to ask.

  12. Brian says:

    How do I change the date on the score card if I enter it later

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