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4 Fun Jobs in Golf

For some, National Fun at Work Day comes but once a year, but for those lucky folks whose love for golf has landed them a job in it, fun and work simply go together.

Although all golfers secretly dream of going pro (it’s okay, we do too), golf’s best jobs aren’t strictly for the professionals. With many options for the golf enthusiast, it’s hard to say what the best places or jobs to work are, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to four we think are pretty awesome.


Photo by Nike Golf

We dream of golf gadgets found in golf research and development facilities. Photo by Nike Golf

Golf Equipment Research & Development – Gadgets. High-tech gizmos. The stuff inside golf balls. It’s all here. And the lucky engineers, scientists and designers at major brand research and development facilities get to play with it every day. What did you do at work today? Oh, I just dreamt up the next big thing in golf club design. Could there be anything more fun than testing golf clubs as YOUR JOB. We think not. But, for them it’s just another day in the office.


Golf Channel Commentators

Golf Channel hosts and commentators have the ultimate dream job. Photo by Golf Channel

Golf Channel Commentator – With 24/7 coverage of golf’s top events and exciting, original programming, Golf Channel on-air personalities like Charlie Rymer and Kelly Tilghman are able to travel to global destinations for all things golf and discuss the best sport ever. The studio itself is pretty spectacular, not to mention the access they have to professional golfers and the biggest tournaments on the pro tour. Two words: Dream. Job.


Photo by Dye Designs

Leaving a golf course as your legacy? Yes, please. Such is the life of a course architect. Photo by Dye Designs

Golf Course Architect –  Imagine your job consisting of traveling the world, visiting some of the most breathtaking sites and designing beautiful golf courses, working with the unique topography, wildlife and vegetation to create something that golfers would enjoy for years to come. Course architects and designers do it on the regular, and often work with some of the game’s biggest legends, like Pete Dye, Arnie and Jack. We can’t think of a better legacy.


Photo by

One of the most important jobs in golf is also one of the most rewarding. Photo by

Youth Golf Coach/ Instructor – Growing the game starts with these folks on the front lines. Knowing that every day you are having a direct impact and influence on who could possibly be the next Rory, Rickie or Tiger sounds pretty exciting in and of itself. But, knowing that you’re a positive force in a child’s life, passing on the greatest game ever played to the next generation definitely sounds like one of the most rewarding jobs in golf.


What’s your dream golf job?

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