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5 Easy Ways to Get Ready for Golf Season

Spring is officially here, and if you’re like us, the cold days of winter may have taken a toll on your game. It’s time to get back into playing shape so that you can take full advantage of the wonderful warm months ahead. Here are five easy things you can do today to prepare you for that long-awaited first day back on the course.

putting green

Sink a couple balls at an indoor putting green to help keep your game in check.

1. Indoor Putting Practice — Who doesn’t love an indoor drill? Using two similarly sized objects (phone books, pillows, etc.), place them on the floor about a club-face distance apart so that your putter fits just between them. Place your golf ball in between the objects, in the middle, so that there is an even amount of space in front of and behind the ball. Practice hitting the ball with the putter—this will get you back into the habit of making precise short-game shots. If your putter hits one of the objects on either side, you know that your stroke isn’t straight. Do this drill as many times as you can until you are consistently hitting accurately.

Work on distance precision by setting up markers on the floor and trying to stop the ball just before them.


A little cardio goes a long way. Just exercising a couple times a week could help keep you in golf shape.

2. Do Cardio —Get your endurance back up to par with cardio exercises. These can be done indoors at the gym or in your living room. Run on the treadmill, do jumping jacks, or any other variety of cardio you enjoy, or tolerate.

3. Get Your Mental Game Up —This is a perfect time to pick up that golf book you’ve been meaning to read, dig into your favorite golf blog, or watch some instructional videos. Get your mind in the game, even if your body isn’t quite ready yet.

golf stretch

Always make sure to stretch before you tee off so you can loosen your muscles and increase your flexibility.

4. Work On Your Flexibility —Put those clubs to use for stretching your back and shoulders. Hold the club of your choice in front of you like you would set up a shot, grip lightly and slightly bend your knees. Sway the club lightly and smoothly from side to side, keeping your shoulders loose and limber, adding more rotation each time.

5. Kick Your Bad Habits —We’re all a little guilty of slipping up over the winter months and often adding a few pounds, but peak performance on the course is influenced greatly by your diet and physical fitness. Making smarter choices off of the course will put you in a better position while you’re on it — plus you’ll have tons of energy all the way to 18.

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