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5 Reasons to Play 9 Holes Today

In honor of the United States Golf Association’s Play 9 Day today, we’re celebrating the benefits of playing half rounds.

We live in a very busy world and that is a fact. Between work, school and family affairs we’re inundated with our schedule. It’s a given that we could all also use a well-deserved break every now and then. But going out and playing 18 holes of golf isn’t always easy due to  time and financial restraints.

But that doesn’t mean you have to find a new outlet for relaxation. The solution is simple. Just play nine!


Here are five key benefits of playing nine holes that may even get you out on the course today.

  1. Save Time – Only have 2-3 hours of free time? The average pace of play for nine holes is just under two and a half hours.
  2. Save Money – Trying to squeeze more out of a dollar these days can be tough. Many nine-hole rates are typically 50 percent or more discounted from the full round rate.
  3. Easier on Your Body – Playing golf can be more physically demanding than you think – especially if you walk 18 holes, which typically takes around four hours. Playing nine holes allows you to get great exercise without overdoing it if you face health restraints.
  4. Better for Beginners – Playing nine is great for golfers who are just trying to learn the game because its not as taxing mentally and physically for those who are still trying to master the basics.
  5. Your Scores Still Count – You can still submit your nine-hole scores if you are keeping a handicap and all of those friendly matches you play with your friends only get more competitive with less room for error.

The benefits are seemingly endless, the savings are real, and you still get to play the great game of golf without sacrificing other commitments. No more excuses – get out and play nine today.

Want to find a nine-hole round near you? Visit GolfNow’s Play Nine page to browse available nine-hole tee times.

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  1. Playing nine holes is a great route to go if you are new or are not up to being out there for a while. Great read thanks for sharing!

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