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7 Great April Fool’s Day Golf Pranks

After sharing one of our favorite golf prank stories last week, we asked you – our readers – to share stories with us. Turns out GolfNow golfers are pretty sneaky! Check out some of the pranks you could pull on the course in honor of April Fool’s Day today:

“On a par 3, I walked past the hole and dropped a ball in the cup when my partner wasn’t looking, then picked up my ball off the green. We searched for a few minutes, then I said ‘I’ll drop one.’ He went to tend the pin, found the ball there, and thought I had hit a hole in one.”
– Craig Crowley


“We swapped some of our friend’s golf balls with the powder exploding ones. It was hysterical because they were mixed in with his usual ones, so we never knew which tee was going to have the talcum powder explosion.”
– Josh Bush


“I had some ‘friends’ who thought it was funny to unfasten my bag from the golf cart on the tee box, so that it would dump the bag out when I drove off. They also played in front of me on a foggy day and decided to stick the pin in a bunker to the right of the green. I played to the pin and then was aghast as I got close enough to see that my ball was nowhere near the hole.”
– Thomas Brokl


“We were playing golf in the Orlando area and my tee shot came to rest on the edge of a river bank so I had to take my shoes and socks off and get in the water to hit my ball. As I was just getting ready to hit the ball, one of the guys threw a bottle in the water right behind me, and I thought it was a gator. Needless to say, I hauled butt to get out of there, and they all got a big laugh out of it.”
– Jack Leatherman


“I had a un-scratched fake winning scratch off ticket with a prize of $10,000. While playing a round of golf, I dropped it by a green to see if my friends would find it. They did and were screaming with joy when they scratched it and saw the winning amount. It took them four holes before they read the back of the ticket and realized the joke was on them.”
– Danny Tondreau


“Usually I do the pranking, but one time while riding in a golf cart, my buddy pointed something out to me on the right just as he jammed the cart left, and out I went.”
– Glenn Guterman


“During a golf outing someone threw marshmallows in the ruff, which from a distance look like golf balls. So as golfers played through and looked for their balls off the fairway, they’d walk to the marshmallows and realize it was not actually their ball.”
– Rich Hoblinski

Thanks for sharing everyone, and Happy April Fool’s Day from GolfNow!

– The Daily Tee

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