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8 Crazy Golfer Pics

Sergio’s tree shot. Monkeys running amok on the green in South Africa. And, of course the seagull that stole Steve Lowery’s ball at the 1998 Masters.

Sometimes things go awry on the golf course that you just have to see to believe. Luckily for us, these eight golfers happened to have their cell phones handy. Check out these crazy GolfNow golfer blooper moments caught on camera.

Kevin R

Kevin R.
Where are the marshals when you really need them? Get the flock out of here, I’m trying to tee off!

Javier C

Javier C.
Uh, you forgot something! The main thing to do on this tee shot is to make sure you clear the desert and that serious brush, but that is assuming you actually hit the ball!

John Q says Go to your home

John Q.
“Go home, ball!” It’s okay, John Q., we’re pretty sure Tiger Woods knows how you feel after last weekend’s oh-so-close-but-no-cigar finish at The Barclays.

Mike O came to the rescue

Mike O.
Golf makes us all feel like we are about to go over the edge at some point. Quick! Grab the beer!

Pat H.

Pat H.
Does the “play it where it lies” rule apply in this situation, too? The guys will never believe it when I tell them my ball grew legs and slowly started to walk away from me.

Tom W.

Tom W.
Repeat after me: Taking a divot – good; Wearing a divot – bad.

Arte H thinks he could have gotten his ball back

Arte H.
Uh, that’s ok. You keep it. I’ve got a few other sleeves in my bag, and I don’t want to end up like Chubbs Peterson.

Danny R. doesnt know where his ball went

Danny R.
Wow, I really got a hold of that one, did anyone actually see where it went?

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Featured image of that pesky seagull that stole Lowery’s ball courtesy of YouTube.

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