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9 Reasons #WhyImThankful for Golf

With Thanksgiving just days away, this is the time of year that most reminisce on the year and what they are thankful for. This is also the time of year that most golfers are putting their clubs away and dreaming of getting back on the course.

As we prepare for the holiday season, we think back to all the reasons why we are thankful for the game we love.


Here are some of the reasons #WhyImThankful for Golf:


  1. Golf is ageless

At what age did you start playing? Anyone can begin to play golf at any time in his or her life. It also gives you the chance to involve the whole family in the sport. Some courses are even pet-friendly!


Whether your childhood course or where you hit you first hole-in-one, you can look back on the memories of your home away from home.

  1. Home away from home

The game always brings back memories, whether good or bad. The good memories give us a way to look back on when we used to play as a child, the people that have taught us the game, or memories of that one elusive shot we would love to hit again. For the bad memories, well that’s why we have a mulligan!

fall golfer

The game gives you a getaway from reality when things get tough. Perfect idea for the holidays!

  1. Stress-reliever

Nothing beats playing with your best buddies to get away from it all. Golf gives you the joy of playing a sport in scenic, peaceful locations all over the world. It also keeps you active and healthy. Whether you’re young, old, recovering from health issues or very active, golf provides the opportunity to feel younger and energized.


  1. Caddies

Instead of putting that strain on your back from lugging around your clubs, your caddie is always there. Caddies do much more than just carry your bag around; they offer advice on how to play each hole, which club to use and even how to get out of those sticky situations.


  1. For the lucky few, golf can be a career.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a pro? For most of us it’s only a dream, but there are those lucky few who are able to make our game their career. We’re also thankful for our PGA Professionals that work their magic on those of us that are not-so-blessed. If you’re lucky enough, golf can turn your passion into your job!


Branded as the Big Three, Jack Nicklaus (left), Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player (right) shared all four major championships and they became lifelong friends while remaining competitive rivals.

  1. Inspirations from the legends

Of course we all want to be Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player but the reality is that we can only wish to win as many tournaments as they did. We aspire to not only play like the greats, but to be a gentleman as they were. The Big Three all share qualities of how the golfer should be both humble and patient.


  1. Great to watch

Over the years we have watched the game evolve in result of technology, the amount of places to play, and especially the talent that continues to capture our attention. Figures like Jordan Speith, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy and so much more, show that the game continues to have fresh blood on the rise and is exciting to watch!


No matter the season, no matter the location, no matter the time of day, one can play golf.

  1. Can play anywhere!

One of the many benefits of golf is that we can play it anywhere around the world. Some of the best courses are even in our backyard! From Vegas, to Detroit, to Orlando, you can find fantastic courses in the most unlikely of places.  Golf has truly become a global sport.


  1. The 19th Hole

Speaking of Thanksgiving food, who can forget the 19th Hole? That last hole is almost just as important as the other 18! Whether after a round or just for dinner, it’s the place where one can enjoy good food and a drink or two with friends, family, coworkers, and all.


We hope you can work up an appetite over a round this holiday and share a meal celebrating with your loved ones. From our GolfNow family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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