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A Golfer’s New Year’s Resolutions

The new year begins in a few days, and that means it’s time to renew your goals. Everyone has a New Year’s resolution and the same holds true for golfers.

We’ll let you worry about the fiscal, fitness and other important life resolutions for the year, but here are some golf-related goals to consider as you reset the calendar from 2014 to 2015.


Plot a course to get in golf shape this year and stick to it. You’ll feel better and your game may even get better, too.

Get in (Golf) Shape: There’s no better time to start. Get a golf-related workout program focused on core strength and flexibility and see the results in your swing and your game when this darn snow and ice melts.

Get an Official Handicap: Unless you like living off the grid, get yourself an index. Sign up for one at your local club or the USGA’s GHIN website. If you’re a tournament player and like using – or showing off – your handicap, make sure you stay current!

Drop Your Handicap: If you already have an index, set a goal to lower it. Be reasonable but make sure you’re aiming high (AKA low). Like any goal, this, of course, comes with responsibility. You’ll have to practice and play.

Become a Member: If you’re interest in the game and skill level are improving, maybe it’s time to join a golf club. You’ll meet a ton of new friends and golf buddies and, if you play enough, save a ton on fees.


Give yourself a weekly reason to play and make life-long friends by joining a local golf league.

Join a League: We all strive to enjoy the feeling of competition and camaraderie. Join a weekly league and rev your competitive engine after work. If you can’t become a member somewhere, this is a great alternative, and GolfNow offers league play in several cities.

Plan a Trip: You work hard, you deserve to play hard. Get your buddies together, take a few days and plan a trip. Whether it’s Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Phoenix-Scottsdale or just a short drive, you’ll have a ton of great stories to remember.


Start planning a golf getaway – perhaps to Trump National Doral Miami – for some amazing golf that’s out of the ordinary. Photo by Golf Miami

What are your golf resolutions for 2015?

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