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Book Your Round, Plan Your Shot and More for Free

You probably already know that GolfNow’s mobile app lets you book tee times on the go and check your Rewards status at any time, but we’re making the app even better. We’re making every feature–including GPS tracking at over 30,000 public and private courses–completely free for every golfer to use!

GolfNow’s new-and-improved app combines everything you need for your golf game into one easy-to-use application. You won’t have to power up and run separate applications to plan your shot, improve your game or keep score, because GolfNow includes all of that and more.

Now the same application you use to find and book your tee times will also be the app you use to keep score for your group, access GPS layouts and even improve your game with post-round stats and analysis. And you can do it all for the low, low price of zero dollars.

If you’ve already got the app, just update it to take advantage of the new free features. And if you haven’t downloaded the GolfNow app yet, now is the time. Put the best app in your pocket for free with GolfNow.

Learn more about the mobile app here.

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