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Conquering the Land of 10,000 Lakes

GolfNow golfers are always coming up with new ways to get into the game. Minnesota golfer, Nate Trunnell, has taken on a challenge we couldn’t help but admire. Nate is setting out to play a round in every county in Minnesota that has a golf course.

With 59 out of 86 counties already under his belt, we chatted with Nate about his experience and how GolfNow has helped him along the way.


GolfNow golfer Nate Trunnell and his best golfing buddy, 4-year-old son Christian.

Q: Tell me about your goal and why you decided to take on the challenge.

A: My goal is to golf in every county in Minnesota that has a golf course. I started this just as a way to try new golf courses. It has turned out to be a great way to keep in contact with old friends around the state, too.

Q: How far are you from reaching your goal?

A: Minnesota has 87 counties. Eighty-six of those counties have golf courses, and I have currently golfed in 59 of them.

Q: How has GolfNow helped you along the way?

A: GolfNow has helped me get to several of those counties. GolfNow also has the course that I am most excited to golf – Superior National at Lutsen, and the course where I will finish my goal, Giants Ridge Golf and Ski Resort. More than anything, GolfNow has introduced me to courses that I may otherwise not have known about, and saved me a ton of money during my quest. It has also given me the opportunity to golf with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

Q: How were you introduced to GolfNow?

A: I was introduced to GolfNow by a friend that used it regularly in Tucson, Ariz., and now in Hawaii. Since finding out about it I have told as many people about it as possible. It is a magnificent way to save money and play more golf.

Q: What has been your favorite GolfNow course so far?

A: My favorite current GolfNow courses are Blueberry Pines, Minnesota National, and Geneva & Hardwood Hills.

Q: Have you had any unique experiences or memorable moments on the course?

A: As far as unique experiences go, I would say that meeting Jack Nicklaus at a father-son Pro Am stands out. It was a two-day event, and on the first day I followed him around and took some pictures.

One of the pictures was from his second hole where there was a long carry over a water hazard to a landing area. He hit his first drive and turned and asked the crowd if we minded if he hit another. Everyone chuckled and he teed off again. I moved in behind him and got a really nice panoramic picture of his shot. I got the pictures developed later that day. The next day there was a quick meet-and-greet session. I brought the picture with me and asked for an autograph.

He looked at the picture for a second and asked “Was this the first or the second?” I said “Well sir it was your second hole but you started on the back side so really it was hole 11.” He smiled and laughed a bit and said, “No kid, I know what hole it was, but was it my first shot or second?”

I nervously replied that it was his second shot and he said “Good. I hit that one much better.” Most people talk about meeting an icon and having it be a disappointing experience. Not so with Jack. He was a truly nice guy and an all-around class-act.


Nate plans to work towards his goal slowly but surely, and just enjoy the journey -and we can’t wait to see where it takes him. Golf on, Nate!

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