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Don’t Get Iced This Off-Season

The weather outside may be frightful, but there’s still plenty you can do to avoid completely hibernating and losing ground with your golf game.

These are the months to focus on staying shape physically and mentally, so when you’re able to hit the course again, you will be fit, relaxed and focused. Here are three quick tips that will help you stay sharp for next season without ever hitting the links.

Work on Strength & Flexibility

The winter months usually mean time to relax and enjoy the holidays, but also typically means putting on a few extra pounds. You can avoid winter’s version of the “Freshman 15” by making an effort to exercise and stay flexible.

Lift weights at home or at the gym and maybe even take up Pilates or yoga, which help with relaxation, flexibility and developing strength evenly on both sides of your body. Doing these cross-training activities and others will offer a host of benefits, as the golf swing requires stability and flexibility of the hips and thoracic spine.

Hit the Indoor Range (or the Living Room)

Although it is winter and the weather is cooler, it does not mean you cannot work on your swing and accuracy. There are plenty of areas around the country that have indoor driving ranges that allow you to practice your shots in the heated comfort of a large dome. If that’s not an option where you live, you can at least practice putting inside with a few golf balls and a plastic cup on its side to work on short game accuracy.

Online Ideas for At-Home Practice

Golf and SwingFix are great resources for finding simple activities to help improve your golf game without having to leave home. According to Michael Breed, you can use simple items around the house to make your game better. Check out some great tips in the video below.

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Putting: Grab a coat hanger and make putting strokes so the hanger moves back and forth in a straight line and does not wobble around. This will keep the clubface stable and make you a better putter.

Full Swing: Grab a hanger and an iron and grip the two together with the hanger running horizontally up the shaft on the outside of the grip closest to the target. As you take the club back, try and get the hook of the hanger into the lead forearm as quickly as you can. This drill will help you hinge your wrists properly.

Some conditioning is better than none, so keep these easy ideas in mind and remember that the off-season doesn’t have to be dreary just because you can’t get out on the golf course. Next year’s season is right around the corner!

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