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Favorite Golf Memories with Dad

My father was an amazing amatuer golfer. From high school to college to adulthood, he played the game like the younger generation plays it today – with plenty of skill and intensity. I know he was great because he had the video to prove it. Actually, 8 mm films of him as a player in awful plaid and mismatched 1970s garb.

But whatever he wore, it just didn’t matter. He’s my dad and to me, although he never played professionally, he is one of the greats to ever play the game.

Golf has always been a special part of my family. Dad played the game while I have covered it in my professional career. While we have never played it together at any one time (age, injuries, the fact I stink at it), we watch it, attend The Players and discuss it like it was a common conversation of politics.

Golf is a sport and activity that has brought fathers and sons (and daughters) closer together for decades. That bond on the greens and the memories that are made are eternal.

To honor all the fantastic dads out there on U.S. Open Sunday, we turned to you – our favorite golfers – to get your stories about special golf has been in the relationship between fathers and their children…

“I can’t go golfing with my dad any longer but the last round he ever played was with me and I shot a 79,” said Shawn Spence. “Missing him so as the golf season begins. I do get to golf with my son and that brings me much joy.”

“Among my favorite memories would be teeing it up with my son,Alex,” said Greg Lowe. “I remember his very first birdie, which he got on a tough over water par-3 at the Glasgow Country Club (in Glasgow, Kentucky, not Scotland). I also remember the first time beat me in a round of 18 (it did not take him long; I think he was 11).”

“Playing [golf] with either my dad or any of my three sons or daughter is the greatest thing anyone could ever ask for,” said Mark Grigg.”Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest, and just being together and making one another laugh is great. Take every oppertunity you can and make each day count!”

James Clarke of Ft. Lauderdale may have summed it up best in describing the bond he and his father shared through golf.

“I used to play with my dad quite a bit, but he’s been gone for 24 years now,” Clarke said. Not too long ago, Clarke hit a hole-in-one at Inverrary Country Club on the par-3 15th hole and he immediately thought about his dad. “He had a hole-in-one at Inverrary Country Club, too. I will never know which one because he never said, but I like to think it’s the same one.”

No matter where you play or how straight you hit them, golf on Father’s Day is always a special time for everyone involved. From GolfNow to all fathers, Happy Father’s Day. You’re an ace in our book.

And, a very special happy birthday wish today to two great pro golf dads – Phil Mickelson and Old Tom Morris.

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