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GolfNow Launches New Ads Before The Big Game

With a new season full of golf opportunities right around the corner, GolfNow has launched a new series of TV commercials that remind golfers like you to stop letting the excuses keep you from the course and to just go play.


The new ad campaign kicked off during NBC Sports’ Super Bowl LII pre-game programming on Sunday, Feb. 4, and was seen in millions of households across the U.S. The first ad is just one of several in which golfers who are not golfing share cautionary tales to encourage other golfers to put aside the excuses and make time for their favorite sport.



Keep your eyes peeled for this first ad now airing on Golf Channel and the other brand new GolfNow ads that will be airing soon. And plan your next round of golf today. After all, “Why golf later when you can GolfNow?”


Watch more of GolfNow’s new ads on YouTube


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