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Dress Good, Feel Good and Play Good

Among the many reasons golf is one of the coolest sports around is, well, the clothes. Now, we may not be tuning in to the tours to see Tiger’s new Nikes or Rickey’s bright orange hues, but we can’t help but notice what the pros are wearing when they sink their shots. Looking the part may not turn you into a pro, but wearing the right attire while on the course will certainly help your game.

Looking good goes a long way toward feeling good, which can only help your game. Not only does it instill a feeling of confidence, but the right attire also has practical purposes that can positively affect your golf game. Golf wear that fits well allows you to swing freely whereas ill-fitting, baggy clothes can get in the way.

Here are some of today’s pros who look good and play (most of the time) even better.

Tiger Woods: We’ll start with the man who made Sunday red a winning tradition.

Looking to regain his major championship form, Tiger posted three wins this season and looked good doing it. Historically a Nike guy, Tiger is always unveiling sharp new threads around the majors and is always put together well. Tiger’s newer Nike shirts are ventilated to be more athletic, providing greater stretch and lighter weight, which is perfect for allowing for more body rotation.

Graeme McDowell: A U.S. Open winner, this Irishman has a reputation as a stylish player. He even introduced his own brand of apparel this fall, G-Mac by Kartel. The upscale collection features Pima cotton and fine wools and combines “the crafted style and vibrant colors that Graeme has become synonymous with,” according to Kartel.

G-Mac says in a blog that his apparel is “responsive, lightweight, intuitive to your every movement, yet strong enough to withstand any climate,” all of which can positively impact your golf game.

Rickie Fowler: His tastes might not be for everyone, but there is no doubt that the former Oklahoma State star has a style that resonates with younger PGA Tour fans.

His Puma flat hats can be seen everywhere at PGA events and he has become synonymous with bright colors, all orange on Sundays and his flashy Puma golf shoes.

“If you feel good with what you’re wearing, it’s going to make you feel good about yourself,” Fowler told Men’s Health in an interview. “And any time you can do that, it’s going to help you in pretty much anything you do.” It certainly seems to have boosted Fowler’s game this year, with a championship title and five top-10 finishes.

Ian Poulter: The Englishman launched his own IJP clothing line in 2007, which features a men’s line, a junior’s line and a women’s line in the works for 2013. Recognized by his spiky hairdo and never-ending supply of attention-grabbing golf pants, the 2012 HSBC Champion’s play has been as stylish as his wardrobe. It’s important to fuse functionality with fashion, Poulter says, and allow your clothing to reflect your own personality and style.

Other pros that have our style vote: Aussie Adam Scott, former Masters champ Zach Johnson, Ryo Ishikawa and Fred Couples.

Emulate any of these stylish players and you’re guaranteed to look, feel – and hopefully play – like a pro.

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