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How to Get Started Playing Golf

One of the greatest things about the game of golf is that you can start playing it at any age and in any stage of life and there is always fun to be had, and challenges to be conquered.

For some golf enthusiasts, the game has only been admired from afar, because they simply don’t know where to begin. Our beginner’s guide to golf will hopefully inspire you to step up to the tee.

golf lesson

A golf instructor can help you learn the basics and get you out on the course.

Take A Lesson – The first order of business is to set up a lesson with a golf pro. Do a little research into your community and local courses to find the right facility and instructor for you. Not every instructor is the right fit for every golfer, so if you don’t hit it off on your first swing at it, don’t be discouraged. The good thing is, there are tons of pros out there who are eager to grow the game and take you from beginner to master..

Take Advantage Of The Practice Facilities – Along with the golf pros, the driving range, putting green, practice bunkers, (and any other practice facility) are there to help you get comfortable with the fundamentals. Spend some time developing your skills and building your confidence so that when you get to the course, you’re ready to take on the challenges ahead.

golf clubs

Everyone needs a set of good clubs on the course, just make sure yours works for you.

Put Together Your Arsenal – Putting together your arsenal (your clubs) may take some time, as you find out what you like and what works best for you. If you can’t foot the bill for a whole set, borrow from friends, buy used, or rent.

Make It A Family (Or Friendly) Affair – This really is the best part of playing golf—spending time with friends and family. Playing with friends and family wil help you feel comfortable on the course and have fun. Plus, having a support system there will help you work harder, stay positive, and motivate you to play your best.

hit the links

Just do it! The only way to learn is to jump right in and hit the course.

Hit The Links – Don’t be afraid to get out on the course and go for it! There’s no better way to learn than to actually play a round. Every round teaches you something new, so, try different courses and branch out– you’ll challenge yourself and learn from each course and every stroke. Try playing a nine-hole round at first to get the hang of things before graduating to the full 18.


Have Fun!—The most important step of all—have fun with it and don’t give up!



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