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Off-Seasons Greetings

It’s cold out, it’s wet and there isn’t a course to be played in sight. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the end-of-year deadlines at work, and the winter wonderland that has blanketed the golf course, playing golf isn’t always a possibility at this time of year. Though this is the cold truth it doesn’t mean you have to stow away your clubs and wait for sunshine. There are ways to work on your game from home, the office, or wherever the winter months take you.

We know that for the avid golfer, this time can be pure agony. To keep yourself from going nuts and to stay in shape, there are things you can do to remain fit and ready for play when the sun is back in the sky and your golf schedule is back to normal.

#1: Stay Loose

Make sure that during this time you remain fresh and loose with your swing. You can do this by swinging a club, recreating your on-the-course swing movement, when you are in your hotel room or maybe in the backyard on a cool afternoon. The goal is to replicate the action to build muscle memory and keep you limber so you’re able to easily pick up where you left off.

#2: Practice Putting

Stuck in the office? Draw down the shades and give yourself a little “me time.” Pick up your putter and run a couple of drills at your desk. Maybe invite a couple of your golf buddies from work to join you in a quick putting sesh. This will keep your spirits high, and your putting on par.

#3: Cross Train

Take this opportunity to try a new form of exercise, like Yoga, that will keep you fit, flexible, and may even improve your game. Yoga workouts are designed to increase flexibility, range of motion, and mental concentration. Try the Revolved Crescent Lunge, the Ardha Matsyendrasana and the Bird Dog poses – all great for golfers.

#4: Exercise Restraint

The winter months, especially around the holidays, bring great food along with great company. Although this time of year is notorious for packing on the pounds, enjoy a little restraint with your holiday ham. We’re definitely guilty of a second or third helping at dinner (and maybe an extra slice of pie), but if you can avoid crumbling at the site of Mema’s cookies or avoid a second helping of Aunt Tam’s casserole  your golf game will thank you when you get back on the course.

Now, if you do falter and add on a couple of lbs, don’t worry too much, a golf-geared new year’s resolution is the perfect opportunity to get back in shape while doing what you love.

#5: Strengthen Your Mental Muscle

Along with staying physically tough, be sure to stay mentally tough, as well. Read up on the newest trends for the upcoming golf season. Take this time to read that golf book you’ve been holding on to. Stay up-to-date on golf magazines and newsletters and keep close to

These are just a few things you can do while waiting for that first day back on the links. But the most important thing may be to remember how great it will be to swing your driver in the middle of the fairway on a Par-5. That image alone may get you through the dog days of winter.

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