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Surprising Golfers on the Caribbean Shores

The GolfNow Rewards team was looking for a new place to surprise golfers, and one big idea came to mind—why not round up an Olympic medalist, some brand new TaylorMade gear and GolfNow gifts, then take on an amazing course in the Bahamas?



So that’s exactly what they did!


2017-01-06 09.01.05



Justin Rose joined up with us to give Jim C. and Bill M. from Miramar, Florida the most unforgettable round of golf ever, complete with the latest clubs from TaylorMade. When we told them about the trip, Jim could barely contain his excitement.



“Each day until we arrived, I was thinking of the trip,” Jim told us. “While I’m watching tv, I’m thinking of the trip. When I go to sleep, I’m thinking about the round with Justin and I eventually fall asleep, but not for long.”



The group arrived at Albany a little before 8 a.m. to meet with Matt from TaylorMade and receive their brand new clubs, the all-new 2017 M Family. From there it was off to the driving range to take the new clubs for a spin before their tee time with Justin Rose.


2017-01-06 13.15.04


The round started a little rough as Jim and Bill got the hang of the new M Series clubs, but by the 3rd hole, the magic started to happen—just like Justin said it would. As an added treat, Justin brought out the 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medal for everyone to see and hold at lunch.


2017-01-06 14.11.11


Jim added, “My wife asked how it was going and I told her I’ll never be able to wipe the smile off my face.”



Jim and Bill have been playing golf together since the ’50s when they were on the high school golf team in New York. Even with countless rounds of golf played, though, this one is going to be tough to top.



Like Jim said, “it was an experience of a lifetime.”



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