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The Early Golfer Gets the Win

Have you ever had the opportunity to get one of the early tee times at your club?

The dew is still wet on the greens and fairways. The fog still stands between you and your target. And there’s no one in front of you to slow you down.

Pace of play in golf has been a major topic over the last year. It’s been talked about on the PGA Tour, in the competitive amateur game and even by players teeing it up on weekends.

While the PGA Tour and the United States Golf Association have vowed to focus on ways to improve slow play on the golf course, the recreational golfers hoping to get their round in and still have time to take care of their family duties or honey-do list now have an advocate: GolfNow’s Play Fast.

The program, which offers early-morning tee times to golfers hoping to beat the crowd, is a crucial tool for those of us who like to play fast and early – and as the criticism for the slow pace of play grows, it seems that’s most of us.

Through GolfNow’s Play Fast program, golfers of all types can get out, enjoy their round and be back before lunch, sometimes even earlier (bonus points for those that beat the breakfast bell). It’s just one of the ways that GolfNow is trying to make it easier for golfers to squeeze in a round and still be there for all their family and work commitments.

Play Fast aims to allow golfers to do it all, easier – coach your kids’ soccer or little league team, take on those weekend home improvement projects you’ve been wanting to get to, spend the day with your friends and still go play golf, as well. But there’s more to playing early than just getting home early.

Many golfers know that pace of play is crucial in playing their best. And that pace isn’t necessarily a ‘speedy’ one but it’s one they’re comfortable with. With less players clogging up the fairways and tee boxes during the early morning tee times, golfers are sure to be playing at a pace much more comfortable to them, allowing them to play their best. Not to mention they’ll be greeted by the peace and serenity of a quiet, open golf course seemingly all to themselves.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to bed. You’ve got a Play Fast tee time tomorrow.

Check out early tee times at courses in your area.

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