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The Presidents in President’s Cup

The Presidents Cup took over golf’s headlines last week. Media outlets, fans and players are excited about the upcoming biennial team competition of the top golfers from around the world.

But as the U.S. and International squads prepare for Muirfield Village, we’re pausing to look at the “presidents” in President’s Cup. Here’s a look at past (and current) U.S. Presidents we’ve seen swing a golf club or two, or three…

Barack Obama hits the links. Photo by

Barack Obama hits the links. Photo by

Barack Obama: Yes, our current Commander in Chief hits the links. With a lefty swing as smooth as Phil Mickelson, Obama is also an avid basketball player.

Dwight Eisenhower: Five-star general? Check. The United States’ 34th President? Check. A practice green outside the Oval Office? Check.

Bill Clinton: Known for taking ‘Billigans’ rather than mulligans, Clinton managed to golf a bit during his two terms. He even played this past summer with NBA star Chris Paul.

JFK sported a smooth swing and look while on the golf course. Photo by

JFK sported a smooth swing and look while on the golf course. Photo by

John F. Kennedy: With his family’s Cape Cod compound located adjacent to prestigious Hyannisport Club, it’s no wonder JFK was capable of shooting in the 80s.

Lyndon Johnson: Perhaps the best reason a President can find for hitting the links, Johnson was known for playing with senators to secure votes.

George H.W. Bush: Hailing from Texas, there’s no shortage of courses former President Bush could choose from to get his own handicap down to an 11.

Photo by The A Position

Gerald Ford was a terrific athlete and played a little golf. Photo by The A Position

Gerald Ford: Ford was a heck of an athlete but it didn’t always translate to his golf game. That didn’t stop him from trying though. He was also the honorary chairman of the inaugural President’s Cup tournament at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in 1994.

George W. Bush: Bush actually quit the game during the Iraq War, conceding that it wouldn’t look nice if he was golfing while the U.S. military was in conflict.


Featured image courtesy of the White House

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