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Threading the Needle

Today is national Thread the Needle Day. The phrase “threading the needle” has multiple meanings. Its literal meaning: to guide a piece of thread through the eye of a sewing needle. Its social meaning: to skillfully navigate through a difficult conflict. As for billiards players,  “threading the needle” refers to a precise shot through a narrow pathway.



In honor of national Thread the Needle Day, we urge you to challenge your precision and accuracy on the course. Check out these GolfNow courses known for their narrow fairways and put your skills to the test.



Amana Colonies Golf Course (Amana, Iowa) – Rated among the top public courses in Iowa, Amana Colonies Golf Course requires accuracy with its rolling hills, dense forests, and tree-lined fairways. GolfNow golfers have given this course an almost perfect score of 4.75.



Coyote Hills

Aside from its narrow fairways, Coyote Hills Golf Club poses many other challenges to golfers and gives them some of the most breathtaking views in California. Photo by Coyote Hills Golf Club.

Coyote Hills Golf Club (Fullerton, Calif.) – Hidden away in the foothills of Fullerton, Calif., Coyote Hills Golf Club is a scenic beauty. With elegant waterfalls, cascading streams and cobblestone bridges, Coyote Hills is a challenging round with breathtaking views.

San Pedro Golf Course (Benson, Ariz.) – San Pedro Golf Course is located on the banks of the San Pedro River. The front nine winds through the mesquite and along the river; the back nine is described as canyon-like and finishes off with a split fairway at the eighteenth hole. The multiple sets of tees make this course a challenge for anyone but an enjoyable round for all that visit.

Mossy Creek

Though the course may not be very long, Mossy Creek requires precision and patience as you wind your way through the beautiful foothills of the North Georgia mountains. Photo by Mossy Creek Golf Course.

Mossy Creek Golf Course (Cleveland, Ga.)  – Located in the Northeast Georgia mountains, Mossy Creek sits at the valley of Skitt Mountain in Cleveland. Golfers can get away with hitting short distances, but accuracy is a must on this course. Enjoy the well-maintained layout, the excellent staff and plenty of friendly golfers.



Colonial Country Club (Fort Myers, Fla.) – Designed by Gordon Lewis, Colonial Country Club in Fort Myers provides a fun and challenging round. Known for its narrow fairways and “fast, but true” greens, this course tests all aspects of your game.



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