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Tips for Playing Golf with The Kids

Today is National Son and Daughter Day and with the end of summer just around the corner, this may be the last chance to spend a day on the course together—family style.

Now, we know a round with the kids doesn’t always go as smoothly as intended, so we’ve provided you with a few tips on how to get everyone in the game and having fun.


Ages 5-10

For the little ones, it’s all about having fun. A day spent exploring the course and taking shots (with you!) is enough for them. We know its tempting to coach, and critique, but hold back, you’ll all have more fun if you’re just enjoying your time together and embracing the swings and misses. Take advantage of the practice facilities – let them have some time to warm up on the driving range and putting green, this time might end up being their favorite part of the day. We recommend playing a nine-hole course for this age group.



Ages 10-15

For the ten- to fifteen-year-olds, it’s important to keep things energized and challenging. Too much down time on the course will cause them to lose interest – so amp up your round with additional challenges and incentives. This is the age where critique can start coming into play, but still keep it light – show them proper grip and stance, inform them on the various clubs, and let them learn by watching you at your best. Reward the 15 and unders with a post-game treat or with an activity where they can unwind.



Ages 15+

Golfing with the 15 and older crowd is still about having fun, but now you can start introducing the traditions and rules of the game and challenge them with helpful tips and critiques. A few hours cell-phone-free will be beneficial to both of you, and you’ll have a chance to bond over the sport you love. Let them keep score, drive the cart or carry the clubs, and maybe teach you a thing or two.

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