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Virtual Reality: Your Guide to Indoor Golf & Simulators

The bad news? It’s winter and golf season has all but stopped.

The good news? You can continue your season indoors.

Through the use of indoor golf and simulators, golfers across the country – including us poor souls in the cold-weather states – can take their games inside and stay fresh during the “offseason.”

But where do you start? We’re here to help.

First, it’s important to understand that there are various locations across the country and very likely in your neck of the woods that you can book time to play on a simulator.

Many golf shops have high-end simulators that allow you to play a number of highly-ranked courses. How does Pebble Beach sound in January?

The great benefit, of course, is on-point data. The simulators typically include launch monitors that help provide very accurate data for your swing. And that data is key to you improving your swing and game.

Indoor golf centers are located across the country with country clubs and golf courses also hosting indoor golfers, either year-round or during the winter months or just for your practice needs.

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TopGolf owns golf entertainment complexes around the U.S. and the U.K. where sport meets social and golfers can hit a few balls and play competitive games, no matter what the weather. Photo by TopGolf

TopGolf is among the nation’s biggest virtual golf companies. With locations throughout Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and more – including the UK.

TopGolf takes the simulator approach to a new level with micro-chipped balls and various games for you and your playing partners to enjoy while hitting balls. The experience is enjoyed “outside” with players hitting from indoor bays and to a landscaped target zone.

Another growing network of golf simulators is OptiGolf. With locations in Massachusetts, New York, Maryland and Australia, OptiGolf Centers provide golfers with an indoor simulator experience that includes golf and entertainment.

To find an indoor golf center in your location, try one of these resources:

While many simulators are well out of the typical consumer’s league, in terms of price, several at-home simulators have hit the market in recent years.

Ranging from $399 to upwards of $65,000, golfers can purchase in-home simulators to work on their games on their own time. With a range of courses — both virtual and based off of famous course designs — you can play in your living room while staying clear of the elements.


OptiShot is an affordable, accurate and portable home infrared golf simulator. Photo by DancinDogg

Among the more affordable simulators are:

TruGolf: Geared towards teaching professionals, the TruGolf simulators begin at $7,995 and include an impressive 83 courses to play.

DancinDogg: Starting at just $399, simulators like the OptiShot shown above are among the most popular consumer options. DancinDogg utilizes a number of sensors to gain detailed feedback on each swing.

Unex Golf: Another more affordable simulator (starting at $399), Unex has 14 courses available.

P3ProSwing: Starting at $799, P3 allows you to jump online and face off against other golfers. With additional putting simulators and bonus packs, the P3 is a consumer favorite.

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