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  3. […] one of the world’s oldest sports, golf’s history is rich and varied. Although its origins are widely disagreed upon, the game has undoubtedly left an indelible imprint on […]

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  5. kaitlin says:

    cool facts

    • Chandramani Panda, FCA, ACS says:

      Truly inspirational pieces of information. I feel people have really struggled enough to bring the game to its current format so much so that instruments have been made to make the judgment of direction and trajectory of the ball.

      It feels indeed great to know the odds against which people have achieved a lot.

      Chandramani Panda

  6. crazysmasher says:

    5 Facts about golf that most of you will not be knowing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vpn08YyR30

  7. The facts are so interesting and true, and its apply on all the people who are the player of the golf and its lover too. as a technological age these facts are totally become close in a cave like golf-cave which is a very interesting thing for the golf lover which is virtual golf simulator and its really a fun. Thanks for sharing this information.

  8. auzerria johhnson says:

    Almost all modern sports have origins in earlier games, going as far back as thousands of years – golf is no different. Most modern games then eventually developed into a more recognizable version in the last 200 years or so. In this respect, golf differs from its sporting counterparts. Though golf’s origins lie in the ball-and-stick games of ancient times, the modern game of golf dates as far back as the 1400s in Britain, and more specifically Scotland. In its early days, Scottish kings – James II and James IV – actually outlawed the game, believing the popularity of the sport conflicted with military training. However, King James IV himself became enamored with the sport by the 1500s, and in the early 1500s, in a short peace with England, the game became popular there as well, though when the two countries were back at war with each other, golf receded in England again. However, when James VI of Scotland took the throne in England in 1603, the game came to England to stay

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