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Top 30 Golf Influencers To Follow in 2024

Who are some of the hottest people in sports social media? None other than golf influencers. Generally young, attractive, bold and energetic, they’ve broken from the old, rather staid conventions and traditions of the game and made it cool to play golf, no matter what your age or background. 

On Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X and other platforms, golf influencers engage with their followers and produce content that truly shows their personalities. There’s no one mold for these social media stars. Golf influencers come in all sorts of different flavors.

Now, let’s get into our list of the 30 top golf influencers. All were handpicked by our content team as some of the best to follow.

Paige Spiranac

Is Paige Spiranac the most popular person in the golf world? Judging by her number of followers on social media, the answer is ‘yes’. No player—not even Tiger Woods—can match this blonde stunner. On Instagram, score it 3.9M followers for Spiranac to 3.3M for Woods. Paige isn’t all sizzle either—she can play. After her college years on the Arizona State and San Diego State University women’s golf teams, she turned pro in hopes of making the LPGA Tour. One year later, though, her game had deserted her and she was broke. That’s when Spiranac pivoted and devoted herself to her media work. Her popularity skyrocketed. She landed sponsorship deals, television commercials, and first appeared on the cover of Golf Digest in May 2016 when she was 23.

Since then, Paige has only become a hotter golf influencer and media personality. Now when she speaks out on a topic, her opinion carries social media clout. There’s always going to be resentment that her flaunting of her considerable assets draws outsized media attention compared to coverage of women’s athletic accomplishments on the golf course, but there’s no discounting that Spiranac has become a role model and has helped grow the game.

Garrett Clark

With his energetic personality and relentless dedication to golf, 23-year old Garrett Clark and his GM Golf brand have amassed a huge following. Clark started wowing friends and family with trick shots at age 9 and soon thereafter he was a Youtube sensation. Clark ’s content makes golf cool and exciting. He created GM Golf with his cousin Micah Morris. Clark’s Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok content features trick shots, unique challenges, matches against other golf influencers, course visits, and even lip syncs of songs. Garrett also co-founded Good Good, a group of friends living the dream golf life, traveling to memorable courses and destinations, and competing on the golf course for all to see. The continued popularity of GM Golf and Good Good, both of which have their own branded apparel lines, has made Garrett Clark a true star in the golf influencer community.

Tisha Alyn

Thanks to her prominence as a female golf influencer, Tisha Alyn has become a golf media personality who also uses her platform to inspire more participation by young girls, women and the LGBTQ+ community. After first picking up a club at age 3, Tisha Alyn became the no. 1 junior golfer in Illinois. She played collegiately at Cal State Fullerton and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. During her three years of pro golf, she won two mini-tour events and made it to the Symetra Tour (now Epson Tour) but not the LPGA Tour. Since she was already chronicling her journey in golf on social media, her shift to full-time content creation was a cinch. Tisha’s Instagram and TikTok posts of dance moves and trick shots went viral. She became Topgolf’s first female ambassador and a member of Fitbit’s training team. With her work for organizations such as the non-profit Trevor Project, which is devoted to the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth, Tisha Alyn is a supportive role model.

Grant Horvat

The son of a teaching pro, Grant Horvat played collegiately in Florida but realized he wasn’t wired to go out for the pro tour. He shifted his focus to teaching golf and content creation. Meeting Garrett Clark and joining Good Good put him at the center of the Youtube golf influencer universe. On Instagram and other social media platforms he posts swing breakdowns, challenge matches, interaction with other influencers and tour pros, and promoting his sponsor’s products. Since leaving Good Good Horvat has been showcasing an alternative format of competitive golf in which he tests his game in stroke play matches on PGA Tour courses.

St. André Golf

St. André Golf is the name of an Atlanta-based comedy team whose goofy golf videos on Instagram have amassed a huge following since launching in 2022. Co-founder Aaron Chewing, who has a film background, writes most of the short sketches that typically take place on a golf course. St. André Golf’s videos are humorous takes on realistic scenarios that anyone who has ever golfed can identify with. The expertly produced content ranges from horror movie spoofs to music videos, random stories, and matches on great golf courses. Among St. André Golf’s most-viewed posts are sketches with Tiger Woods and on-location shoots at Pebble Beach.

Tania Tare

Tania Tare is the queen of trick shots on Instagram. As a kid growing up in New Zealand, she was performing golf trick shots for her family and friends even before she began to play golf. Though she moved to the U.S. and played golf collegiately at Florida International University, her aspirations of being a pro golfer were thwarted by a string of injuries. Judging by her impressive list of golf brand sponsorships, her career path is working out just fine. Tania’s trick shots, often done with yoga balls and slow cups, have turned her into one of the world’s most popular female golf influencers. Tania Tare is fun to watch.

BustaJack Golf

“Just two good ‘ole boys playing golf” is how BustaJack touts its Youtube channel. Busta and MadJack are very good golfers whose country boy personalities and great chemistry shine through as they contest matches (one was against Sahith Theegala, winner of the 2023 Fortinet Championship on the PGA Tour) and random challenges. They famously played 50 states in 50 weeks. BustaJack’s videos often spotlight great courses.

Sabrina Andolpho

With her vivacious personality and proficient golf game, Sabrina Andolpho of South Florida has become a social media star thanks to her golf content. Highlights from her golf bio include three years on the Barry University women’s golf team and winning a car for making a hole-in-one in a tournament in Brazil. She became a full-time golf influencer babe after graduating from college. On her Instagram and YouTube you’ll see her enjoying range sessions, fitness workouts, random club challenges, matches against other influencers, golf course and travel vlogs, as well as some beach time.

Troy Mullins

Troy Mullins’ social media content shows her followers her journey in golf and inspires other young African-American women to follow their dreams. Troy is a Cornell University graduate who is fluent in Mandarin. Though she always played multiple sports (she was a heptathlete at Cornell), she was never a golfer until after college. Within a year of taking up the game Troy started competing in pro long drive competitions. It didn’t take her long to become a world-record holder with a 402-yard drive. Her Instagram and YouTube posts highlight her practice sessions, travel Vlogs and interviews. With her flair, smarts and social media savvy, Troy Mullins has become a sought-after spokesperson and an on-air host for LIV Golf.

Roger Steele

“Pick up a golf club and see what happens,” says Roger Steele, a golf influencer based in Los Angeles. Though at age 5 he was pictured in the Chicago Sun-Times getting instruction at junior clinic led by 17-year old Tiger Woods, Steele said he often had to be dragged to the course by his father. Golf just wasn’t big on Chicago’s West side where he grew up. After quitting his job as a civil engineer and moving to Los Angeles, he carved out a lane in social media as a “black dude playing golf.” Steele describes his Instagram content as “just talking to his homies on the golf course.” He has an awareness that golf can open doors to opportunities but you must be intentional.

Birdogey (Brady Nuss)

Known across social media platforms as “Birdogey”, Brady Nuss is a golf influencer with deficiencies (or LOFT) in his game that every ordinary golfer can relate to. “Birdogey” is a term for a good look at a birdie that winds up turning into a bogey. On Instagram he treats his experiences on the golf course with humor and pithy self-deprecating commentary as he inevitably soars over par. Birdogey always goes for the hero shot because eventually, he thinks, he’ll get a birdie and it will all be worthwhile. Though Brady Nuss takes a beating on every course he plays, his love for golf is unwavering.

Jake Hutt

Anyone who follows Jake Hutt on social media knows that he delivers his golf tips in rap songs. Formerly a teaching pro at Stanford University Golf Course, Hutt is fascinated with the relationship between teaching and learning and growing the game of golf. With his commitment to “helping you suck less at golf,” he has become a prolific content creator on Instagram. In his videos he’s able to dumb down swing concepts and complex golf tips so anyone can understand them. Then he conveys his distillations even more clearly through his artfully produced raps. Hutt is also the co-founder of Dryvebox, a portable golf driving range/mobile golf simulator that enables golf to be played and practiced anywhere. Dryvebox embodies Jake Hutt’s mission to make golf participation more diverse and to get more kids and women involved in the sport.

Putting with Ellie (Ellie Skoog)

Putting with Ellie is the Instagram and YouTube channel of Ellie Skoog, a female golf influencer from Sweden. Her bio is golf-centric. Elliee was a very accomplished junior golfer growing up in Sweden, and then she came to the U.S. to be a collegiate golfer at Limestone University in South Carolina. She even tried to make it as a pro golfer before she applied herself to creating more golf content. You’ll find a smattering on everything on her social medial platforms, including tips about golf and life choices, practice drills, and even some trick shots. Ellie Skoog entertains and inspires her followers as she conveys her passion for golf and the joy it provides.

Carlee Shoemaker

Carleeshoe is the Instagram of Carlee Shoemaker. She played golf collegiately at the University of the Cumberlands (she was a first-team All-American in 2021) and at the Eastern Kentucky University, where she earned an MBA degree in 2023. Her beauty, athleticism and brains, along with her girl next door personality, has won her a large following. Carleeshoe’s content covers golf tips, golf apparel and fashion, product endorsements, travel, and brief musings on life.

Bryce Cope

Bryce Cope is a golf coach in Virginia who produces short videos of swing tips and of his golf travels. Unlike many other top golf influencers, his entry into social media stardom has occurred while he holds down a full time job as a physicians assistant specializing in human biokinetics. Cope’s understanding of the body’s mobility and physical limitations gives him the tools to fix your swing. He invites his paid subscribers to record their swing so he can provide personal feedback and make a custom video illustrating the fixes he recommends. Whether he’s giving lessons online or in-person, few instructors are better qualified than Bryce Cope to break down your swing mechanics to help you play better golf.

Snappy Gilmore (Eliezer Paul-Gindiri)

Snappy Gilmore, the social media persona of Eliezer Paul-Gindiri, became a TikTok sensation the minute he posted a video of his incredible, whippy, one-handed golf swing. Since then, his following has only gotten larger. His journey to golf influencer started when he left his family in Nigeria and moved to San Francisco on his own in 2017. Soccer was his sport—he played for two years at Contra Costa College—and he still has aspirations on the pitch, but for now he’s bringing a new audience to golf.  His Snappy Gilmore name came from a friend who suggested he take a running start to blast a drive like Happy Gilmore did in the comedy cult classic movie. Paul-Gindri averages about 250 yards on his one-armed drives and he has even topped 330 yards. Though he’s having good fun and hitting his trademark drives by choice, Snappy Gilmore also raises awareness for and inspires adaptive golfers who have physical limitations and disabilities.

Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels produces some of the most entertaining content of all the top golf influencers. The English PGA professional’s podcasts (The Rick Shiels Golf Show) and Instagram and Youtube channels have a huge following. Shiels, who has been a content creator for several years, posts videos featuring equipment and training aid reviews, matches against other influencers, swing tips, and course management insights. His nearly four million loyal followers especially like his visits to amazing golf courses and his chatty conversations with interesting people while they’re playing a few holes of golf together. Ever personable and engaging, Rick Shiels is a golf influencer legend.

Good Good

Youtube golf went to the next level when Garret Clark, Micah Morris, Stephen Castaneda and three other friends (Grant Horvat later joined as well) moved into a house together in Texas in 2020 and began posting videos. The barely 20-year-old golf addicts—all very skilled players and keenly devoted to improving their games—captured a huge following with their matches, challenges and adventures on and off the course. They created a tour featuring matches at prime venues across the country. The format allowed them to be themselves. Good Good’s reliance on authentic friendships filters out all the stuffiness of golf, making the game more appealing to younger audiences. Over time the cast has changed—Grant Horvat notably left the group—but Clark and Castaneda remain. Good Good is still one of the most brands in golf social media media.

Lucy Robson

The female golf influencer Lucy Robson is a beautiful blonde with an impressive golf bio. Born in Surrey, England in 1995, she moved with her family to Florida as a child. There she overcame bullying thanks in part to competitive golf as she blossomed into a top junior player. Martin Hull of Golf Channel’s School of Golf helped her hone her skills. She went on to play collegiately first at the University of South Florida and then at Cal Poly. Though Lucy hoped to make the LPGA, she found a niche promoting fitness, health and fashion in golf. Now back based in England, Lucy Robson promotes many brands and uses Instagram to showcase her swing and putting stroke and to show off her latest outfits.

Bob Does Sports

Bob Does Sports is a golf influencer group that pokes fun at all things related to golf. Robby Berger, the group’s ringleader, was a budding comedian churning out goofy videos about multiple sports when his golf videos started gaining a buzz on Instagram. He put together “Bob Does Sports” on Youtube to spotlight zany escapades on the golf course, random golf challenges, golf travel adventures, celebrity encounters, and the bizarre world of golf fandom. The chemistry between relatable characters such as Bobby Fairways (Berger), Joey Coldcuts (Joe Demare), Fat Perez (Nick Stubbe) and Binny the Jet (Benny Sticker) always shines through. Bob Does Sports entertains followers whether the guys are doing something momentous like playing matches against Max Homa and football stars from the NFL, or something ordinary like roasting each other’s golf games, sampling chicken caesar wraps, or just hanging out.

Hailey Rae Ostrom

Hailey Rae Ostrom is a 29-year-old professional golfer and female golf influencer. Originally from Bend Oregon, she starred on the golf team at George Fox University where she was a Division III All-American. After college Hailey turned pro and competed on the Cactus Tour in Arizona while supplementing her income as a beverage cart girl at Scottsdale’s Papago Golf Course. As her Instagram following swelled she attracted a plethora of sponsors and made appearances on Golf Channel’s Shotmakers. The blonde beauty’s allure and bio have earned her comparisons to Paige Spiranac. She’s even gotten into a little social media spat with Spiranac, a diehard Woods supporter, over whether Tiger should be considered a parental role model. Hailey Ostrom’s most-watched Youtube video, attracting 364,000 views so far, is with Claire Hogle in a high quality match of two popular golf influencers who just happen to be hot golf babes.

Micah Morris

Micah Morris, a founding member of GM Golf and Good Good (both with his cousin Garret Clark), is one of the most famous and recognizable golf influencers. He is approaching one million followers across his social media platforms. Now producing his own solo content, Micah is trying to be the best golfer he can possibly be. His Instagram and Youtube content shines a spotlight on his golf adventures. Among his more heavily viewed postings are his quest to hit the longest drive possible, his preparations for tournaments (he tried to qualify for the Korn Ferry Tour), course vlogs, and matches against other golf influencers. You can also see how he fared head-to-head in matches against PGA Tour winner Sahith Theegala and 2020 U.S Open winner Bryson DeChambeau.

Blair O’Neal Keiser

Known to Golf Channel viewers as the longtime co-host of School of Golf with Martin Hull, Blair O’Neal is a tv personality, model and golfer. It’s no wonder she has a large social media following given her impressive bio. Though she’s always seen getting lessons, she can surely give golf lessons, too. She played collegiate golf for four years at Arizona State University and then won Golf Channel’s Big Break Dominican Republic. Over the years the blonde stunner has been dubbed “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time” by Sports Illustrated and one of “The 18 Most Beautiful Women in Golf” by Golf magazine. She could probably also give a course in influencer marketing. Blair is a proud mother and still going strong giving golf tips and engaging with her fans.

Bryan Bros Golf

If you’re looking for insight into what it’s like trying to make it as a tour pro golfer, check out Bryan Bros Golf on Instagram and Youtube. Wesley Brayn has one PGA Tour title to his credit while his brother George continues to aspire to such heights. The two bros are fun and personable. Their older content features trick shots, unique challenges, various matches, and travel vlogs. More recently, their postings reflect the higher stakes they are playing for with details on their tournament preparations and results. The Bryan Bros also recently bought a golf club in South Carolina which they are redesigning.

Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan, an English PGA coach and teaching pro, can help you play better golf and practice more efficiently. Always a very active content producer, he is known for his short, engaging and clearly delivered golfing tips and swing fixes. One look at Chris Ryan’s bio suggests he knows what he’s talking about. Since earning his pro teaching credentials in 2005 he has given over 10,000 in-person lessons. After 16 years at the Belfry Hotel & Resort (the 2002 Ryder Cup venue), he’s been at the Marriott Forest of Arden & country Club for the last seven years. Meanwhile, his various platforms have enabled Chris Ryan to engage with many more thousands of golfers. The personable golf coach’s Instagram followers have tallied over 85 million views of his content. His 1,300 Youtube videos delve deeper into the golf swing, various types of shotmaking, on-course strategy, as well as reviews of equipment and training aids. If you’re looking for quick improvement in your golf game, any Chris Ryan Golf channel is a good place to start.

Sara Winter

A former Miss Canada, 28-year-old Sara Winter is a female golf influencer who has embarked on a journey to become a successful pro golfer. Nothing in her bio suggested she would ever enter the golf space. Sara grew up in a small town girl on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and came to golf late. Though she began modeling at age 15, she didn’t play junior golf or even become serious about the sport until she was 22. Now Sara is a brand ambassador for Taylormade Canada and competing in mini-tour events. Sara Winter hopes her social media posts will help girls and women get involved in golf as she serves as a positive role model.

Isabell Shee

Isabell Shee is an influencer whose followers appreciate her off-course life as much as they do her golf content. Isabell’s bio suggests she was quite comfortable in the world of competitive golf. She played collegiately at UNLV and then went on to compete in mini-tour events. Her dreams of making it as a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour may have fizzled, but on YouTube she has found a niche with videos (often made with her sister Kaitlyn Shee) of golf tips, golf fitness workouts, and advice on how to increase your golf mobility and ease the strain on your joints. Meanwhile, her Instagram followers get a flashier version of Isabell. On Instagram she comes across less as a golfer and more as a model who hits the beach, hangs out with friends, and keeps viewers engaged in her exciting life.

Aimee Cho

South Korean-born golf instructor Aimee Cho enjoys a devoted following thanks to her Golf With Aimee Youtube channel which features content in both English and Korean. Her bio is fascinating. After her early childhood days in Korea she came to Florida where she rose up the junior ranks under David Leadbetter’s tutelage. She played collegiately at the University of Florida and then turned pro. Alas, when injuries ultimately derailed her hopes of making the LPGA Tour, she relocated to California and became a golf instructor. After getting a break teaching a golf segment on television in Los Angeles, she started producing more golf content for her followers. Whatever platform she uses, including her website, Aimee Cho is one of the most trusted female golf influencers when it comes to simplifying your swing, maximizing power, and playing better golf while preventing injuries.

Erik Anders Lang

Before Erik Anders Lang of Austin, Texas started fully indulging his golf obsession as an influencer he was a protege of Dave Chapelle, married to the singer Sia, and director of music videos for Moby, Escondido and DA & The Jones. Lang is a master storyteller who is driven to be innovative. He has directed and appeared in Vice Golf commercials. His long-form Random Golf Club podcast and videos and his Adventures in Golf Youtube series have covered everything from his quest to break 90, vlogs of amazing golf courses, meetups with strangers and other influencers, and provocative interviews. He’s even played matches with the likes of Tony Finau and European football star Gareth Bale.

Andrew “Beef” Johnston

While many golf influencers on Instagram aspire to play professionally at the highest level. Andrew “Beef Johnston has actually done it. He won the 2016 Open de Espana on the DP World Tour (formerly European Tour). That same year Beef finished 8th in the Open Championship and had a top ranking of 74 in the world. The burly framed, bearded Englishman from a working class background has been a folk hero ever since he declared in his Open de Espana victory speech that he was “going to get hammered with his mates and see his mum.” Nowadays Johnston keeps his followers engaged with his Instagram postings and weekly Beef’s Golf Club podcast. In his search for fun golfing adventures, Johnston always comes across as good humored and authentic.

George Gankas

George Gankas is one of the most popular golf instructors on the Internet. He gives short, to-the-point golf lessons on Instagram and directs interested followers to his website where they can join him for online lessons and personalized practice sessions. Gankas’ bio speaks for itself. He’s a GOLF Top-100 teacher who gives in-person lessons at the driving range of a rather modest public golf course in Los Angeles County. While once upon a time his rates were as modest as the facility, these days he counts an array of CEOs, athletes, and celebrities as regular clients who pay big money (sometimes $1,000) for an in-person lesson.

Nick Stubbe

Fat Perez, as Nick Stubbe is known on Instagram and other platforms, is an extremely relatable golf personality and content creator. He’s one of the stars of the Bob Does Golf troupe. With his long curly dark hair, portly build, and smooth golf game, he bears a resemblance to pro golfer Pat Perez, albeit a heavier version. A peek at his bio reveals a surprise—he grew up at famed Oak Hill Country Club in a golf family. Though he worked in accounting and commercial real estate in Virginia until 2022, he gave up his job and followed his dream to have fun by living the golf lifestyle. He’s enjoyed immense success as an influencer playing courses all over and showing his ridiculously stupid side with his Bob Does Golf friends. His Instagram followers can’t get enough of him. Stubbe’s posts on Instagram and Youtube feature Fat Perez’s golf matches, challenges and golfing adventures with other influencers. He’s often puffing on a stogy and downing a beer. Judging by the way 350,000 followers are engaged in watching him, Fat Perez is here to stay.

More Golf Influencers to Follow

We wish we had more space to tell you about many more golf influencers. A pair of Good Good regulars, Stephen Castaneda and Tom “Bubbie” Broders, post fun content on their personal social media platforms.

Whereas James Lynch entertains his followers with his carefree party attitude, Alex Romo is a pro golfer and content creator with a spiritual and philosophical bent, and Zac Radford calls himself a “Jesus follower and pro golfer” on his Instagram.

Among female golf influencers, Hannah Leiner boasts a strong competitive golf background and plenty of natural allure as she follows the blueprint made famous by Paige Spiranac.

Country Club Adjacent is the channel of stand-up comedians who put out edgy and sometimes in-your-face content. Fore Play, which is part of the Bar Stool sports empire, is raw and unfiltered.

Gary Beadle of Gaz Golf, is an Englishman who chronicles his quest to become a scratch golfer. Several of our recommended influencers are based in England. Among them are Mark Crossfield, Peter Finch, and Danny Maude, as well as Me and My Golf, the channel of two longtime instructors from Wolverhampton.

Meanwhile, in golf-crazy Japan, Yosuke Kawamura is a hugely popular golf instructor who posts his content in Japanese.

Two American instructors to keep an eye out for are Top Speed Golf founder Clay Ballard, whose most basic message is “simple is best,” and Matt Fisher, aka Mr. Short Game. Not only does he have an innovative method to help you get proficient quickly, he also hangs out with cool people when he plays golf.

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