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10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Golf

The true meaning of Thanksgiving is not lost on golfers.

Sure, we’re thankful for the turkey, stuffing and all the fixings — not to mention the dessert — but we’re also thankful for the game we love.

As we prepare for the holiday season, here are 10 things golfers are thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Photo by NBC News Photo

Photo by NBC News Photo

1. The Competition – Most of us were athletes in our day. Or at least we thought of ourselves as one. Golf, like no other sport, allows us to remain competitive, be it against the course, conditions or playing partners.

2. The Getaway – Fine, I’ll admit it. Sometimes you just need to get away. You need to get away from the better half, the to-do list, the house and the golf course is the best place to escape.

3. The Camaraderie – There’s no better place than the golf course to get to know somebody. The course is perfect for new and old friends.

4. The Sweet Spot – You know what I’m talking about. That swing. That impact. That follow through. That finish. That feeling that you were born to play this game.


5. The Reality – That feeling we’re thankful for? Yeah, it only comes around every once in a — long — while. Indeed, golf is a very humbling sport and for that, we’re thankful.

6. The 19th Hole – Yes, we love the game. But a big part of the game is the post-round libations. Kick back and enjoy!

7. The Bet – You don’t have to bet every time you play. But a little friendly wager certainly kicks things up a notch.

8. The Mulligan – If only there were some in life! Golf, depending on who you play with, sometimes gives us a second chance. Make sure you make the most of that opportunity!

9. The Ace – If you’ve had one, you know it. If you haven’t had one, you spend your career trying to learn it. What is it like to have a hole in one? Those that have had the good fortune sure know it.

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10. The First (or Last) Tee Time – There’s just something nicer about playing when the course isn’t so jammed up. In the mornings, you can play at your pace, there are no spike prints in your putting line and you’re home before lunch. A twilight round comes at a reduced rate and you get the added bonus of the sun setting.

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