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8 Most Haunted Golf Courses in the US

Are you ready to experience a thrilling game of golf that goes beyond the green? If so, then check out our list of the top 8 most haunted golf courses in the US.

Whether it’s due to some strange urban legend or actual paranormal activity, each one has its own unique story and atmosphere. So if you’re looking for a unique round of golf with an added bonus—the thrill of being potentially spooked—then read on!

Here are all the details you need to know about these mysterious golf destinations: what they offer, who has told these stories, and why they remain so popular among avid American players!

1.) Haunted Greens and Golfing Dreams: Trails West – Ft. Leavenworth, KS

Orange moon behind eerie an tree
Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

Trails West Golf Course may be known for its lush greens and challenging holes, but it is also home to a chilling tale.

The 18-hole military golf course is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Catherine Sutter, a settler whose two children vanished without a trace in the 1880s.

The grieving mother spent months searching for her lost children, only to succumb to illness shortly after.

Today, people claim to have seen a woman with a lantern wandering the course, eternally searching for her children.

Trails West Golf Course may seem like an unlikely location for a ghost story, but this tragic event has left a haunting legacy that continues to intrigue visitors.

2.) Spectral Swings: Montgomery National Golf Club – Montgomery, MN

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Photo by Breno Machado on Unsplash

If you’re searching for a unique place to relax, the Montgomery Golf Club might be right up your alley. This 18 hole championship course offers breathtaking views of the rolling countryside, but there’s more to this golf course than meets the eye.

It’s rumored that the golf club is haunted by two spirits – a farmer who was buried on the 1st hole and the club’s founder who conducts regular checkups on his beloved course.

Eerie occurrences, such as televisions switching on by themselves and the air conditioning thermostat being set below freezing, have been reported by members and visitors alike.

So, if you’re looking for a spooky place to chill, the haunted golf course at Montgomery Golf Club might be just the ticket.

3.) A Shot in the Dark: City Park Golf Courses – New Orleans, LA

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Photo by Pelly Benassi on Unsplash

New Orleans is known for its supernatural tales, but did you know that one of these stories revolves around a golf course?

City Park Golf Course is a championship level course featuring stunning greenery and beautiful lagoons, but it holds a dark secret.

In the early 1960s, a golfer allegedly shot and killed a woman as she was finishing her round on the 18th hole.

Since then, several golfers claimed to hear the sound of gunshots and terrified screams echoing in the night. So much so that some have been spurred into calling for help and investigating the par-5 hole.

Despite the relative peace of the golf course, the apparition of the woman has become as much a fixture as the course’s historic oak trees.

4.) Ghoul in the Graveyard: Lincoln Park Golf Course – San Francisco, CA

Eerie foggy forest
Photo by Lute on Unsplash

Nestled in a beautiful landscape with breathtaking views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge, this golf course has a dark past as a cemetery.

More than a thousand corpses rest beneath the surface, with the 18th hole marking their final resting place.

While there’s no guarantee of ghost sightings, one has to wonder if the restless spirits might one day want to join in on all the fun happening above ground. Dare to visit this eerie golf course this Halloween?

5.) A Message in the Wind: Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia – Peoria, AZ

Moon with trees in the foreground
Photo by Gary Meulemans on Unsplash

Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia in Peoria, AZ, is a one-of-a-kind golfing experience.

While most courses are known for their fairways and greens, Trilogy has something extra, something mysterious.

Haunted by Native American spirits, the course is home to strange and erratic wind patterns that defy explanation.

These whirlwinds, which are known locally as “restless spirits,” are believed to be the result of the unfortunate actions that unfolded on this land many years ago.

Playing a round at Trilogy Golf Club will certainly leave you with both a respect for the game and an appreciation for the spiritual energy that still lingers on this hallowed course.

6.) Alister’s Eternal Putt: Pasatiempo Golf Club – Santa Cruz, CA

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Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Alister Mackenzie, the original designer of one of our favorite golf courses, Haggin Oaks, left behind a true legacy in the world of golf course architecture.

He believed that his greatest achievement was Pasatiempo Golf Club, a stunning course where he even had a home located along the sixth fairway.

Mackenzie poured his heart and soul into Pasatiempo, so much so that when he passed away on a cold day in 1934, his ashes were spread across the sixteenth green of his beloved course.

Many golfers claim to see his spirit near his final resting place, a strangely beautiful reminder of his love for golf and this special course.

While we may have to wait until December 1st, 2024 for the course to reopen, it is worth the wait to experience the magic of Pasatiempo for ourselves.

7.) A Par-fect Mystery: Baltusrol Golf Club – Springfield, N.J.

Foggy forest with snow on the ground
Photo by Ben Griffiths on Unsplash

Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, NJ has an intriguing and somewhat eerie history.

The club is named after a farmer named Boltus Roll who was brutally murdered on his property in the winter of 1831.

His wife fled during the attack and returned to find him tied up near the gate of their home, lifeless.

This local legend has become intertwined with the history of this exclusive private golf club, rumored to be haunted by the spirit of the murdered farmer.

Dubbed “Old Balty,” he allegedly roams the courses, possibly searching for his killers or seeking out his beloved wife.

Despite the chilling history, Baltusrol Golf Club remains a top destination for golf enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

8.) Hiding in the Shadows: Garrison Golf Club – Garrison, NY

Spider web hanging on tree branches
Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

Nestled on the banks of the Hudson River, Garrison Golf Club boasts a picturesque and challenging course that offers a unique experience for avid golfers.

With verdant, rolling hills that wind through wooded terrain, and greens with tricky false fronts that will test even the most seasoned of players.

One hole that is particularly intriguing is the 14th green, situated next to a slave graveyard.

The weathered tombstones are covered with moss and have an eerie, almost ghostly quality.

For those who prefer to avoid the supernatural, it may be best to make haste to the 15th hole.

And with the location of this course in close proximity to the infamous setting of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” it’s certainly wise to stay alert!


Five carved pumpkins with candles illuminating them in the dark
Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or an avid golfer, take part in a unique adventure by visiting one of these haunted golf courses.

Dive into the fascinating stories and mysteries that all of them carry.

Experience the strange atmosphere, explore what each one has to offer and maybe even get a few ghostly stories to tell afterwards.

So go ahead, make your pick and get yourself ready for the ride; who knows what kind of thrill you may experience!

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, then what are you waiting for? Book your tee time now and create memories that will last forever!

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