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A 4-Step Program To Get Your Golf Game Back On Track

It’s that time of year. You’ve pigged out on way too many nachos, sweet potato fries and cousin Irma’s lasagna over the holidays. Worse yet, you’ve scuttled your workout routines. Let’s face it. Your pants won’t button and just the thought of swinging a club leaves you heading for the jelly doughnuts like it’s your last meal.

Never mind all of that – it’s a new year, time for a fresh start. Again. As you lie on the couch mulling over the coming year, your mind is whirling away organizing new goals, some for your golf game.

For starters you want to lower your handicap — you’re thinking single digit territory. It’s humiliating your pal Roland plays at a 7 when he probably weighs less than your 13-year-old daughter while you’re still in double digits. Humiliating. You need a plan. Good thing your friends at GolfNow are here to help!

So here we go: a no-fail “Four-Step Golf Recovery Program.”


Step 1: Spring for lessons with a good instructor. Doesn’t do much good to practice if you don’t know WHAT to practice. Check out Deal Caddy’s special offers on instruction packages or take a look at Golf Channel’s SwingFix to find an instructor and get your lessons rolling.

Maybe when you see how you look in the video analysis, you’ll finally admit your swing is rusty and let someone other than Roland tell you how to get back on the right track.


Step 2: Carve out more time to play. Fact is, you’ll need to play more and practice more if you are truly serious about bagging that single digit.

I know, I know you have a life, other commitments like coaching your son’s soccer team or checking off that endless “honey do” list from your wife. Everyone has stuff that gets in the way of your golf game. So, it’s time to stop making excuses and get out there.

Ease into it. Who said you had to burn up four or five hours playing 18 holes? Take advantage of GolfNow’s “Let’s Play 9” options offering 9-hole rounds at 9-hole prices at hundreds of participating courses all over the country.  That means after your bowl of Cheerios, you can squeeze in a quick nine and be holed out before lunch time or swing by the course after work and get home in time to fire up the barbi.

Step 3: Find ways to play more and spend less. That’s where we can help out too, my friend. With GolfNow Rewards, the more times you play, the more perks you earn, like free golf. And don’t forget about GolfNow’s Deal Caddy, where you can find deep discounts on everything from golf equipment to apparel and golf vacations.

We’re pretty sure those lucky cats who jumped on Deal Caddy’s $45 Callaway golf shoe deal and the $20 golf round at Magnolia Plantation Golf Club in Orlando were pumped for days. Like the gift that keeps on giving, Deal Caddy rolls out amazing bargains day-after-day.

Step 4: Live big, play courses out of your zip code. GolfNow invites you to sort through more than a thousand courses from coast to coast and beyond — places like Alaska, Hawaii and Ireland — even the Badlands of North Dakota for heaven’s sake with their spooky black sand bunkers.

And can you believe the deals? Using Golf Now’s reservation system, you pay just $55 to play the highly-rated Wolfdancer Golf Club course just outside Austin, Texas and it’s only a mind-boggling $11 to tee up at Lost Pines Golf Club down the road. Saddle up, cowboys. With these prices, this year you CAN get your buddies together for that guys golf getaway weekend you’ve been talking about for so long.

Browse course reviews then check out GolfNow’s tee times and Deal Caddy’s best bets. Make your reservations and you’re good to go.

Get with the program. It just takes four steps. No time to waste.

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