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Ania and Joe’s Story

We always love to hear a great golf story; a legendary drive, an epic hole-in-one, a bird swooping down and stealing your ball (ahem, Lowery)—but, of all the great golf stories we’ve heard, yours are our favorites!

We recently heard from Joe, a frequent GolfNow golfer who introduced his girlfriend, Ania, to the game in May of 2011.

Like any typical newbie, she began with spending most of her time at the range, maxing out at around 40-feet, and absolutely avoiding the actual course. This was until she – and Joe – discovered GolfNow, and realized it would cost them about the same for a bucket or two of balls as it would to actually hit the course. So, they set out – and haven’t stopped.

With Joe at her side, Ania began playing two to three times a week and made significant progress in just the first few months. She started hitting her driver more consistently and within the first month she was driving over 100 yards. Once she conquered the drive, she began focusing on chip shots and approach shots, and then her game really took off. She consistently shoots in the high 70’s and low 80’s, all in just a year and a half!

Ania teeing off at Arrowhead Golf Club in Colorado in summer 2012. The couple has enjoyed playing golf together at courses around the country thanks to GolfNow / Photo by Joe

Ania reached the pinnacle of her success last month when she beat the very person that introduced her to the game – Joe – for the first time, 76 to 78. The Chicago-based couple continues to have a blast working on their game together. They even took their show on the road—traveling the country and playing in more than five states last year using GolfNow.

A message from Joe: “Thanks so much for all that you’ve done for us. [GolfNow] has really changed our lives and brought us closer together as a couple.”

We couldn’t be happier to help, Joe! If you have a golf story you’d like to share with us, send us an email at and you may end up in one of our posts.

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