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Don’t Be a Golf Dinosaur

Highly-accurate GPS tracking. Golf balls designed for maximum launch conditions, aerodynamics, durability and feel. Putters that analyze and improve your game. Even sunglasses with built-in speakers. Golfers sure have benefited from advanced technology applications in golf in recent years.

Despite the fact that they embrace high-tech equipment that can help lower their scores, golfers still haven’t embraced the technology that makes it easier to book their next round, according to research by the National Golf Foundation.

GolfNow’s latest TV commercials address those golfers still living in the Stone Age in a new campaign called “Don’t Be a Golf Dinosaur,” which will begin airing this week on Golf Channel during the U.S. Open.

Below is the first of the new ads.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you know any golf dinosaurs?

– The Daily Tee

9 responses to “Don’t Be a Golf Dinosaur”

  1. Critic says:

    I change the channel every time these commercials come on. For some reason they directly grate on my nerves similar to how some people react to nails on chalkboards.

  2. Thomas Little says:

    What the f*** is a golf dinosaur? These commercials are so stupid I can’t find the button fast enough in a remote

  3. Mercedes Wilkins says:

    Brilliant commercials …and the actors totally bring to life the dinosaurs
    Very clever commercials

  4. Terry says:

    These commercials are so irritating and stupid, I and all my friends will never again do business with a company that is so inept that they would actually air such an egregiously stupid commercial.

    I have been a direct response copy writer for 42 years and would never write copy that turns off such a high percentage of my customers’ base!

    Do a focus group test…you will fire your agency and the executives who authorized this piece of garbage after their feedback!

  5. Terry says:

    Yeah, great reviews!

  6. Kritic says:

    These commercials are a slap in the face of every sane golfer. How can anyone be so stupid to believe this spot will increase the believability of GolfNow. I know I won’t ever use them to make a tee time. STUPID. STUPID.

  7. Michelle Burr says:

    I put it on MUTE as I can’t stand the human dinosaur sound…but they are kind of funny, and it does get the point across.

  8. Michelle Burr says:

    I get what you’re saying. Although it did make me think about “how” i was booking my tee times and I guess that’s the point they are trying to make….use golfnow as its faster and easier and you get better tee times.

  9. Dante says:

    Truly irritating commercials. They are the type of commercial that is so bad that each time I see one, it makes me less likely to be a customer.

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