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Go the Distance with These Top 5 Drivers

There are a lot of reasons why improving the distance of your drive helps your golf game. Beyond the obvious fewer strokes to the pin equals a lower score, that prideful feeling you get by smoking a drive way down the fairway is a tremendous boost of confidence.

Here are the five best drivers on the market that allow the average golfer (8-20 handicappers) to really grip it and rip it.

5. Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver – $199

Don’t let the price fool you, despite being the cheapest driver on this list, the Adams Speedline Fast 12 driver also provides solid performance.

This club is designed for the player with a high swing speed looking for more control. Very aerodynamic, it has a smaller sweet spot but also produces less spin, which allows for more carry and more roll.



4. TaylorMade R1 – $399

This driver is one of several adjustable drivers on this list. It has seven standard and five upright loft options so that it can be tailored to the height you want to hit your drives.

It also has seven face angle options for you to adjust it to your swing in a proper manner. It provides good distances and decent control off the tee. And with the proper adjustments, the R1 can help you crush the ball out into the distance.



3. Titleist 913D2 Driver – $399

This driver just feels right in your hands. It looks like the drivers of yesteryear, but with the technology of today. The ball rockets off the clubface giving you greater distance.

You can also adjust the club to your specifications (16 different settings for loft and club face angle). The forged face allows for greater consistency in ball striking and less spin affording you greater distance.



2. Cobra AMP Cell Pro Driver – $399

This driver is seemingly tailor-made for many of our swings as its offset head is designed to prevent slices and extreme fades. It also has AMP Cell and E9 Face Technology which produces more roll and a larger sweet spot (12% larger than previous models) for greater speed on mishits.

It is also offers six settings that can adjust for trajectory, ground conditions and swing style. The AMP Cell Pro offers SmartPad Technology, which will help deliver a square face at contact no matter the stance and swing adjustments you make. It also features a simplified process for less tinkering.



1. Ping G25 – $349

The latest in Ping drivers, the G25 is an adjustable club, with loft able to be tweaked a half a degree per setting change. It has a larger face and a thinner crown than the Ping G20 which should allow for your ball to travel further. In addition, for mid-handicap golfers, it allows you to get the ball in the air quicker and travel longer than other clubs.

It was consistently the longest and the straightest club hit at the range during my club testing outing, which are probably the two most important things to look for in a driver, and are what give the Ping G25 an edge for mid-handicapped golfers.

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