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Golf Easier with 4 New Go. Play. Programs

It’s no secret that golf participation levels have been declining steadily over the past few decades.

According to the National Golf Foundation, the number of golfers in the U.S. has fallen by 13 percent in the past five years and nationally, golf memberships have dropped by a million since the early 1990s.

The expense, time it takes to play an 18-hole round and the high level of difficulty are factors that turn off many new golfers.

Knowing this, golf’s governing entities and many organizations in the golf industry have dug in to find solutions to the issues plaguing golf and get more golfers back on the course.

The PGA of America and the USGA jointly support the Tee It Forward initiative that encourages golfers to play from the correct set of tees to enjoy the game more and speed up the pace of play. The First Tee provides quality youth programs to introduce children to the game young and instill its values while helping to boost confidence.

The more groups that get on board, the brighter the future is for golf. GolfNow joined the cause last month by launching four “Go.Play.” programs geared toward making it easier for busy golfers to get on the course despite growing work and family commitments.

Play Fast features the earliest tee times of the day for golfers to set the pace of their rounds.

Play Nine offers tee times for 9-hole rounds at local courses so they can get on and off the course quicker.

Play Single encourages golfers to play even when they don’t have a group to meet there.

Play & Walk serves up tee times at courses that cater to the walking golfer. Besides the health benefits of walking, it surprises many that walking is actually faster than taking the cart.

In the coming weeks The Daily Tee will take a look at each of the Go. Play. programs and how they can help you enjoy golf even more.

Check out the Go.Play. page for more info.

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    Make the golfnow app where a person can search for these special tee times.

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