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Golf Trick Shots with Jamie Sadlowski

Some people say golf can’t be extreme but we beg to differ!  Jamie Sadlowski, two-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship winner, the guys of Dude Perfect, and Callaway Golf teamed up to take the XR driver to a whole new-and-epic level.

The impressive video features Sadlowski and the Dude Perfect guys making larger-than-life trick shots, including:

Sadlowski knocking a suspended basketball into a hoop in a 100-yard shot;

A 400-yard shot off the deck of an aircraft carrier that is caught by the Dude Perfect guys riding jet skis;

Hitting (and demolishing) various household items with golf balls – including skittles, fruit, milk, and Captain America;

The Dude Perfect guys put a twist on the classic game of dodgeball that involves an XR driver and a lot of marshmallows;

And for the finale…Sadlowski hits a 250-yard shot into a kiddie pool.

Don’t believe us?  Watch it for yourself.  We guarantee that these trick shots will surely blow your mind!

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