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Golfers Gone Wild!

Golf has always been considered a “gentleman’s game.” Golf is also a game of serious concentration.

But, in it’s simplest form, golf is a GAME. And games are meant to be FUN. So, it’s no surprise that every now and again there are golfers who flip the script and add a little more personality to their rounds. Here are some examples of golfers having a little more fun than usual on the course.

The Golf Boys –  Bubba Watson, Ben Krane, Ricky Fowler and Hunter Mahan – otherwise known as The Golf Boys – are part of a new “brand” of golfer on the PGA Tour. Together, they’ve created two videos that have gone viral, which received a huge reaction – although mixed – from fans, as well as former and current PGA Tour professionals.

It’s a good thing they are better at their collective golf games than they are at making music videos, but we still think The Golf Boys are hilarious, and Ben Krane’s other YouTube videos about slow play and other topics have us in stitches.

Bubba Watson caused a little ruckus individually as well, when he showed up unannounced at an Orlando golf course recently and tried his hand at some of the everyday clubhouse tasks.

Caddy’s Races – The pro players aren’t the only ones trying to have a little fun. At the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the “Caddy Race’s” the 16th hole has become one of the most thrilling parts of the weekend. Caddies race each other to the green, most losing their bags and flopping in the process.

John Daly Tees Off – While he is known for his wild clothing that could blind just about anyone, his antics aren’t too bad either. Daly has shown how much he likes having fun on the course in plenty of ways, but we enjoy his tee shot off a beer can.

Setting Extreme Records – Some people go extreme just to see if they can! In December, a golf pro set the record for the farthest shot hit with the world’s longest golf driver. In February, nine golfers got some attention for making nine putts simultaneously into the same hole. How and why? We don’t know, but we like it!

Epic Golfer Fails – If you’ve ever had one too many drinks on (or off the course) then some of these attempts by everyday golfers may have seemed like a good idea, but trust us THEY’RE NOT! It’s a great compilation of golfers gone wild. Please DO NOT attempt these completely ill-advised stunts at home, although a prank here or there or a funny golf swing can break the monotony of silent seriousness.

It’s a good thing most professionals and amateurs can learn to laugh at themselves. It certainly makes for a better time out on the greens.

Featured image courtesy of the Brock University Alumni Association.

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