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Rewards updates for GolfNow members

We love finding ways to help golfers play more of their favorite sport, and for 2018, GolfNow Rewards has new updates designed to do just that!


Earning GolfNow Rewards


We’ve heard your feedback and are updating GolfNow Rewards so you can earn more points for your money. Beginning in early 2018, you will earn one point for every dollar spent on Hot Deals tee times and paid convenience fees.




So, for example, if you booked a $40 Hot Deals tee time for yourself in 2017, you would have earned 20 GolfNow Rewards points. But beginning in early 2018, the same $40 Hot Deals tee time will earn you one point per dollar, including the convenience fee. That means you will earn 43.49 GolfNow Rewards points – more than double the amount you earned in 2017.


Additionally, GolfNow VIP members can earn even more Rewards points for that same round. With the 25% extra points that VIPs earn, that number could be 50 points for that same round ($40 tee time price plus 25% extra Rewards points). Become a VIP now.


Redeeming your Rewards


Starting in early 2018, any new GolfNow Rewards codes that you earn can be applied to Hot Deals tee times that are available Monday through Thursday after 2:00 p.m. booked three or more days in advance. And, if you upgrade to a GolfNow VIP membership, you’ll be able to use Rewards codes on Hot Deals tee times any day of the week and any time of play, as long as they are booked three or more days ahead of time.


Any Rewards codes that you already have earned before these new changes go into effect can still be redeemed for any Hot Deals tee time booked three or more days in advance.


But that’s not all. In early 2018 you’ll also be able to apply your GolfNow Rewards codes toward the purchase of a GolfNow VIP membership! So if you already have four GolfNow Rewards codes in your account, that $40 can be used to upgrade to GolfNow VIP.


Exciting new ways to enjoy more golf in 2018 are coming to GolfNow VIP, too, and you can learn about them here.


How do I know if I’m Earning GolfNow Rewards?


If you already have a GolfNow account, then you’re already a member! Everyone who creates an account with GolfNow is eligible to earn GolfNow Rewards points. Just check your Rewards dashboard within your GolfNow account page to see your points and Rewards codes. Plus, you can receive personalized tee time recommendations, Hot Deals tee time emails, unique offers and more, all for free as a GolfNow member.


13 responses to “Rewards updates for GolfNow members”

  1. Mark says:

    You missed the point totally, the 3 day booking window is why you lose to Most people can’t plan 3 days in advance and even if they do and it rains or is cold, you only let them cancel if the course is closed.

  2. tarheelrich says:

    Now you can’t use your rewards until 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday??? I don’t even have any hot deals available in my area at that time so basically you’re telling me that any rewards that I get I’m not going to be able to use! This is terrible! When you changed it to having to book 3 days in advance, that was bad enough, now I won’t even be able to use any rewards… Looks like I’m going to be going to golf 18 Greensboro from now on to book my tee times! Boo on the powers that keep mucking up what was a great system!

  3. Rick Welke says:

    I’m with MARK on this one – the 3 day window is terrible. I have EIGHT award codes waiting on GolfNow. EIGHT, and can’t use any of them. 3 days before and the weather could mean any type of change near me – even when I’m out of town. And some courses you can’t use the code on even outside of 3 days. (not good) I EARN codes and CANNOT use them. Is that a good system? Nope. Makes the rewards program a non-factor anymore when booking … change it, or many of us will be looking elsewhere. Thanks.

  4. Konrad says:

    Sounds like, earlier this year… some marketing consultant was over paid by GolfNow… and came up with this horrible 3 day out booking window… Sure slowed my using GolfNow rounds down to 40%… maybe with enough negative feedback… they’ll change it back to the original deal we signed up for.

  5. James Platt says:

    An obvious push to get everyone to pony up 99$ to become a VIP. I’m fortunate to be able to play a couple times a week so the membership works for me.
    Those that aren’t able to are stuck paying randomly priced fees.
    The after 2 P.M. M-Th Hot Deal redemption has got to be the most stupid idea clearly made up by a NON GOLFER
    First off most courses are in their twilight rate by then so why would they need to discount further ? Second , getting out after 2 will ensure you have no chance of finishing 18 holes ( unless it’s August in the Pacific North West)
    Finally ,another tweak by GolfNow that only benefits the company and further ” handicaps” it’s patrons.

  6. PMSF says:

    Just marketing what we already know. Useless article! I agree that whoever came up with the three day preclusion of using your hot deal is stupid and unhelpful. That’s my biggest gripe with Golf Now who I am ongoing VIP Member and one who enjoys the other privileges

  7. Herb h says:

    You get an award but no hotdeal tee times after 2pm…we would respect you more if you just say no rewards for non-VIP members

  8. Michael says:

    It’s give and take with GolfNow. They give you more rewards for your golfing dollar but then find a way of just making you jump through more hoops to use them in terms of thinking about what days, times, advanced booking protocols, etc, etc..

    Bottom line is you spent the money, and you’ve earned the rewards. Keep it simple You should be allowed to be use the rewards you’ve accumulated whenever you can have an opportunity to get out and golf.

  9. Michael says:

    And I failed to mention that I am a VIP member so why should I or any other VIP member have to have a 3 day advance booking window. Not happy with the new plan.

  10. Joseph Hein says:


  11. DangerousBri says:

    You heard our feedback? I don’t think anyone gave you feedback that would make the program unusable. I would love to see that focus group.

  12. Steven Autenrieth says:

    How is the new HotDeal Point system an “UPGRADE”? Let me get this straight–users get more points for hot deal rounds, but cannot use those bonus points unless the round is Monday-Thursday. So, it is like GolfNow is saying: Unless you have a job and can book every round 3 days in advance, we are hooking up an incredible deal.

    I will not be renewing my VIP membership because I have a job.

  13. Lawrence says:

    This is terrible. The rewards program is worthless unless we give you $99. I was disappointed with the last revision of the program and this makes it even worse. Now you can only use rewards Monday – Thursday after 2 p.m., this is absolutely terrible. It makes me consider not even bothering with the rewards program and further makes me want to deactivate and use a different service altogether. Somebody needs to fix this terrible promotion and save GolfNow from itself.

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