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GolNow Announces Free Golf For Life Winner

Drum roll please…

The Free Golf for Life Sweepstakes winner has been selected! David Yankovich of Arlington, Va., became the lucky winner after accepting the grand prize last week. The Daily Tee caught up with Yankovich, who recently returned from his honeymoon, to get insight on his experience with the sweepstakes and GolfNow.

Free Golf For Life winner, David Yankovich at University of Maryland Golf Club in College Park, MD.

Free Golf For Life winner, David Yankovich at University of Maryland Golf Club in College Park, MD.

“I consider this the best wedding gift ever,” Yankovich said. “The prize now gives me the opportunity to share my love of golf with my new wife, and I will without a doubt also be hitting the course for some spirited games with my father, brother and friends. I could not picture a better way to spend quality family time.”

He admits when he first heard about the contest, it seemed a little too good to be true.

“I proceeded with caution,” Yankovich said. “I do watch quite a bit of Golf Channel, though, so when they ran commercials, and since I have the app on my phone it was as simple as going on and entering. I only entered two times, the first time I thought ‘well this would be freaking great, let me just enter this and see what happens.’”

The 29 year old has been an avid user of GolfNow for about five years, using GolfNow consistently to find tee times for his golfing groups in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania. He’s been playing the game for a lot longer, though.

Yankovich at the East Potomac Blue course

David Yankovich tees off looking toward the Washington Monument at the East Potomac Blue course in Washington, DC.

“I have been playing golf since I was a teenager, my dad got me into golf,” Yankovich said. “We lived really close to a golf course growing up so in the mornings my dad would drop me off at the course on the way to work then I could just walk home.”

GolfNow has been a valuable asset to Yankovich and his golfing ambitions.

“It is a great service,” he said. “I like GolfNow regardless if I won the contest or not. It saves me a ton of time, because I don’t have to visit 15 websites and make 10 phone calls going through the whole menu. You can book tee times really easily and last minute it’s a life saver. I like experiencing new courses. And you can also go out as a single and meet new people out on the course; it just really allows you to enjoy golf more.”

A big congratulations to David on winning Free Golf For Life!

WATCH David’s shoutout on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive.

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  1. Billy Lane says:

    Great job(luck) in winning Golf for Life….such a cool prize to enjoy with family and friends…..Hit it straight….good things happen when your on the short grass. If your ever in the Deerfield Beach, FL area…..Deer Creek GC is fun and challenging….May The Force Be With You…..Always

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