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Here’s To Dad, Our Caddie in Life

Whether it’s your dad, grandpa or even your mom we all have someone in our lives that have served as our father figure throughout life.

This person has helped us and been there for us in one way or another for as long as we can remember and every year we look for the best ways to express our appreciation on Father’s Day. Cards are pretty standard, and I’m sure if you get him another toolbox he’ll smile and say, “Thanks bud!”

But what’s a better way to bond with your old man, or your kids, than playing 18 holes, enjoying a few beers and cigars while exchanging stories that under any circumstance you cannot share with mom. For years, golfing with dad has been the extended director’s cut version of playing catch in the backyard.


Golfing with dad provides a competitive yet relaxed environment for bonding while exchanging fatherly advice, reminiscing on good times and sharing a laugh with the man who has taught you everything you know. For fathers, it’s a chance to spend 18 holes of precious time with your kids, which is increasing harder to do as they grow.

Dads are our caddies in the game of life and caddies deserve a lot more recognition and appreciation as it is already. It’s the little things that can make the biggest impact on a person and four hours on the links can go a long way.

So, this weekend we encourage you to grab your dad, your sons and daughters and whomever else makes up your perfect foursome, load up the cooler and go play.


– The Daily Tee

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