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Holy Chuck! GolfNow’s Giving Away Free Golf for Life

You could be lucky. Real lucky.

So lucky that you’re the envy of everyone at the clubhouse. So lucky all your buddies suck up to you and the cart girls know your name. You could be… the chosen one.

Four little words could change your life, my friends: Free Golf for Life! GolfNow is giving it away to one lucky winner plus three friends, and they are ready to make you a local golf superstar!

GolfNow Golf For Life Sweepstakes

Picture yourself and three buddies, hitting the course for your regular tee time, enjoying a relaxing round of golf. Now picture it over and over again, and never paying for it!

You can enter daily now through April 13th for your chance to win, and learn about ways to earn additional entries. Plus, you can also spin a golf ball on the website for great instant win prizes!

Better start perusing GolfNow’s nearly 6,000 golf courses around the world to make your list of places to play.

Keep your eyes peeled for GolfNow’s major announcement to the world during the Super Bowl XLIX pre-game show on NBC, and check out their Free Golf for Life TV commercial below, featuring a lucky guy named Chuck and a not-so-lucky leprechaun.

Try your luck, Chuck, and enter daily through April 13th for your chance to win!


27 responses to “Holy Chuck! GolfNow’s Giving Away Free Golf for Life”

  1. Mike Thome says:

    Recently retired..12/2014 this is a dream come true . Love Golf.. always a member of Tee Time Golf… would would be splendid!

  2. Robert Burns says:

    Can’t enter the sweepstakes using my email. What are the four required fields?

  3. Gerry Benard says:

    What a great contest idea! Love it!!!

  4. Frank Burcham says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME. I try not to embarrass you with my game. Thank you.

  5. Frank Burcham says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME. I will try not to embarrass you with my game. Thank you

  6. Bruce Geary says:

    I would love free golf. A great combo-golf & free.

  7. Bob Pepler says:

    Retired & need the exercise.

  8. CHUCK says:

    Just RETIRED starting to travel. NEED FREE golf Please, Please me. By choosing Me. Another CHUCK

  9. Mark Kriston says:

    Not beggin boi!

  10. Bill Cuebas says:

    You guys out do yourself with each contest ! With nearly 100 bookings This one would be awesome to win !! Go Play !!!

  11. I’m entering the golf for life sweepstakes

  12. Stephen Muller says:

    this is the greatest contest ever don’t tell my wife

  13. ken odle says:

    I am 72 years old I have no money I need free golf. thank you ken

  14. Clinton Edwards says:

    It’t My birthday next week and would love a great birthday present! Please pick me!


  15. NIrmala says:


  16. StormingZ of Akron, Ohio says:

    You should keep this up. I like the Leprechaun character and my friends and I have been saying, “he sure seems like one Lucky Chuck” for a month now.

  17. Ella Hintersteiner says:

    I want to win golf for life because I am poor….

  18. Anthony says:

    Can’t enter page pages just goes black. Has someone fixed it so u can’t enter? Something is wrong.

  19. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Anthony. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble entering the sweepstakes.

    Try clicking on this URL:

    Let us know if you still have trouble.

  20. Frank Lapanne says:

    Can get in to sign up for this great gift?!!!!

  21. Victor says:

    Getting the same thing as Anthony just a black screen! Still see the commercials as I watch the Masters. Whats up with That?

  22. Matt says:

    Have the winners been announced? I am looking everywhere to find winners names and can’t find anything anywhere about it.

  23. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Matt. We’re still confirming our winner for this sweepstakes but hope to be announcing that information soon. We’ll keep you posted! – TDT

  24. Ken says:

    Who has won the trip to Ireland sweepstakes?

  25. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Ken. We’re in the process of selecting the winner for the Play Ireland with Graeme sweepstakes, and we will announce the winner once they have accepted. Stay tuned!

  26. Ken says:

    Thanks, so I still have a chance!

  27. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Be sure to check your email!

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