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How Your Smartphone Can Help Your Golf Game

Just a few years ago, the golf course was free of cellular interference. In fact, the links were one of just a few locations golfers could get away from the beeping, ringing and buzzing of cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices.

Nowadays, those mobile devices — thanks to major advancements in the golf-oriented applications available for use on them — are a definite fixture in the game.

Golfers use their smartphones to help book tee times and find their way to the course. They use the latest applications to dial in distances, track clubs and statistics. Players can even take a ‘virtual lesson’ on their phone.

Indeed, cell phones are now just another piece of equipment in a golfer’s stand (or cart) bag of tricks. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites:

GolfNow Mobile App: Available on iOS and Android devices, the official mobile application of GolfNow features access to book tee times at more than 4,000 golf courses around the world. The application includes GPS technology, designed to help you find nearby courses, fast. All rounds can be booked via the app, meaning there’s no waiting or calling, and you can book tee times any time day or night making it super convenient. As with all GolfNow tee times, the GolfNow Mobile App provides easy access to hot deals and tee times.

Golf Channel Academy App: This newly-released mobile app gives users access to more than 600 tips from instructors and allows golfers to capture and analyze their golf swings. Looking for a lesson? More than 50 PGA and LPGA certified instructors are behind the new Golf Channel app, including Michael Breed, Martin Hall, Sean Foley, Butch Harmon and many other world-class golf instructors. Currently available on the iPhone, the Golf Channel Academy app gives goflers easy access to serious game improvement.

GolfLogix: One of the most user-friendly GPS applications on the market, GolfLogix provides plenty of information to help you during your round. GolfLogix provides distances to the front, center and back of the green, GPS distances to all hazards and layups, flyover animations of each hole and much, much more. Serious golfers can enjoy the application’s stat and club-tracking features, which offer players the ability to dial in their distances consistently. GolfLogix has free and paid memberships and can be used on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

GolfSense: New to the market in 2012, GolfSense is a 3D swing analyzer that uses a physical motion sensor device to monitor a plethora of swing data all geared towards providing users with the information needed to make improvements to their swings. Golfers attach the GolfSense device to their golf glove, pair it with the GolfSense application via Bluetooth and swing away. The application measures data like swing speed, swing plane, hand speed, tempo and much more. GolfSense is available on iOS and Android devices.

Golf Channel’s SwingFix App: This in-depth mobile application is geared towards game improvement. It allows users to locate instructors with proven histories of success in golf instruction. The Golf Channel’s large network of teaching professionals was built to provide specialty instruction to users regardless of their needs. Users are also invited to submit their swing for review and instruction. Finally, SwingFix application users can take a virtual lesson from a trained instructor, who uses the submitted videos to offer changes and adjustments needed to improve the golf swing. SwingFix app plans begin at $29.95

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  1. Mike says:

    GolfLogix is awesome!

  2. matt says:

    Golf Pad app is better.

  3. Nick Friese says:

    You guys didn’t even mention Aquimo! This is the coolest golf app yet for iPhone/iPod touch!!

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