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How to Maximize Your Mature Golf Game

We subscribe to the thinking that like wine, one only gets better with age. This can be applied to all facets of life, including your golf game. And, while your game – and body – may change over time, there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy the sport you love and be at peak performance.

Keep Playing, and Often
You’ve probably noticed (like we have) that more aches, pops and stiffness seem to appear more often as you grow long in the tooth. But the good news is your body is the only machine that functions better the more you use it.

Start a strength and flexibility program if you haven’t already. The biggest factor in getting distance from your golf swing is making a full turn away from the ball and swinging smoothly and swiftly back through. Stretching and light workouts help to relieve your muscles of the tightness that may restrict your swing and build strength in your abdomen, arms, legs and shoulders.

Revisit Your Equipment
Maybe you’ve always used the same sticks, but think about possibly changing it up. Look for clubs and balls that can help maximize areas of your game that may not come as easy anymore. Use more flexible shafts or even a longer shaft to help with distance. You can also add loft to your driver, which can help to maintain distance and carry the ball higher through the air.

And for putting, although controversial as of late, the belly putter can help. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll make every putt, but it can certainly eliminate some of the factors causing you to add some unwanted strokes on your scorecard. “The belly putter basically gets rid of the yips,” says Justin Ragognetti, senior instructor at the Tom Burnett Golf Academy. “If a player has the yips, the belly putter could potentially change their life. It certainly has resurrected some careers on tour.”

Use Your Experience to Your Advantage
The saying goes, “experience is the best teacher” and we think there is no better classroom than the golf course. By now you should know your game well – your strengths and weaknesses. This is an advantage that will help you develop a smart game plan. You’ll know when to go for it and when to lay up. And even though you may find water from time to time, you’ll know that the game is played one shot at a time, and not let it unravel your round.

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