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The Best Week Ever

It’s here. That week we wait for all year round. The Masters has officially begun. Breathe in and you can almost smell the azaleas.

Man, we’d give almost anything to be there in person, to see every swing, hear the crowds roar and lay our eyes on those green jackets. Here are some of the best photos to come out of Augusta so far this week…

Honorary starters Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player (not shown) teed off this morning to officially begin the first round of the 2013 Masters Tournament. Photo by

Bubba Watson holds up his son and “caddie”, Caleb, during the Par 3 contest on Wednesday. Photo by The Associated Press

Skier Lindsey Vonn watches boyfriend Tiger Woods at Augusta National. Photo by

Rory McIlroy walks with girlfriend, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, who caddied for him during the Par 3 contest on Wednesday. Photo by Getty Images

The azaleas in Augusta are in bloom for the 77th annual Masters Tournament. Photo by Associated Press

For all things Masters all the time, check out full coverage on Golf’s dedicated The Masters Tournament page.

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Featured image courtesy of The Associated Press.

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  1. Golfho4ever says:

    How can you enjoy the firsst two rounds of LIVE coverage when the provider does not show any rounds until 3pm (EST), here are my comments…
    Why does ESPN pay tons of money to view the first two rounds of The Masters and the #1golfer in the world (Tiger Woods) morning rounds is not available to view, instead we get live updates? OMG, this is insane, ESPN blocks out all other networks with their rights to view the first two rounds then decides on showing us live Sportcenter highlights??? You are supposed to be the #1 Sport network in the world? How can a freak like Ted Turner (TNT/TBS) years back have better coverage then ESPN by showing the entire rounds from start to finish? That answer is very simple…you can not and do not have the system in place to cover golf!! Who wants to listen to old man Andy North and the other shaved head guy that thinks he is a golfer? Do the entire planet a favor and let Golf Channel outbid you for all upcoming future Masters to save the golfing planet from 1 minute highlights of the best athletes in the world! Thanks for screwing us dedicated golfers, which by the way are the white collar sports fans that pay lots of money to the sporting industry and the reason you are on TV!!!

    Disgruntled Masters Fan

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