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Time to Spring Clean Your Golf Bag

Spring has sprung officially today, and the golf season is almost in full swing! Time to clean out your golf bag, getting rid of all the old gear and various items that have accumulated during the past season, and get ready for the year ahead by making sure you’re loaded with the essentials to help you play your best.

Here’s a checklist of some must-haves for any player’s golf bag this year:

The Right Clubs – Did you get a new putter or that high-tech driver this off season? If you did, congratulations, now make sure it’s in your bag so you can use it. Nothing will take the excitement out of your first round of the season faster than realizing you’re still bagging that shank-filler driver or putter that has run out of birdies.

Make sure you put your new putter or high-tech driver in your bag before you hit the course this season.

Balls and Tees – We’ll lump these two together because you need both to start. Don’t be the annoying golf partner that is out of balls after the front nine or combing the woods hoping to strike gold each hole. Make sure you’ve got plenty of balls and tees every time you go out on the course. You know you’ll end up using them.

Snacks – A beer every other hole is not a snack, it’s a road to a triple-digit score. You’re going to be on the course a while and everyone wants to play well, so make sure your body is fueled properly by packing snacks. Stay hydrated with water or Gatorade and pack easy-to-eat food like trail mix or nuts and energy bars. The morning of your round, supplement  with PB&J sandwiches to keep the energy up.

Sunscreen/Bug Spray – Getting scorched, eaten alive or both is no way to play the game.

Business Cards – Hey, a good golfer/businessman is ready for any scenario. And you never know who you’ll meet on the course.

Good Karma – It might be a ball marker, a lucky hat, a cool towel from a great track you played. Whatever it is, put that special something in your bag that you feel good about and that brings back good golfing memories. Half the battle on the course – Okay who are we kidding – most of the battle on the course is mental, so it pays to have a good juju or two in the bag.

Make sure your body is fueled properly by packing snacks, like trail mix and energy bars.

Know Your Distance – There are many choices out there so it might take a little homework, but find the right rangefinder for you and take the guess work out of club selection (as well as speed up your round). How many times have you pulled the wrong club after pacing off a distance from the closest marker? Well no more! There are some models so slim you can comfortably keep them in your pocket while playing. And hopefully, this time it will be with the right club.

5 responses to “Time to Spring Clean Your Golf Bag”

  1. Gary says:

    Looking for suggestions for range finders…

  2. AWOLGolfer says:

    Gary, one of the best iPhone apps (if you have an iPhone) for range finding is GolfLogix. I have used this over the last two years and have compared it to the expensive models and the distances, etc., are always right on the money.

  3. Ricky Collier says:

    i agree completely! plus it give course and hole aerial you can get distances to different spots / hazards on the course.

  4. Ace says:

    I bought the Bushnell Pro 1M (Slope Edition). This is an amazing device and gives very accurate distances.

  5. Ray says:


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