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Use It, Don’t Lose It! Redeem Your GolfNow Rewards

You’ve played a lot of golf this season! Did you know that you actually earn free rewards for booking and playing golf rounds on GolfNow? In fact, you may have coupons for free golf and gear waiting for you right now!

Don’t let your rewards go to waste. All you have to do is check your GolfNow account to see what you’ve earned, and we’ll show you how!


1. Go to the GolfNow website and click the GolfNow Rewards tab near the top.



2. Click the “Sign In to Check Your Rewards Status” orange square.



3. Sign in to your GolfNow account.



4. Check your Reservations YTD to check your GolfNow Rewards.



5. Redeem any earned promo codes for free golf and gear!


If you’ve played more than 10 rounds of golf in 2014, you’ve earned rewards like the below. See the full list of rewards and perks here.

  • 10 Reservations – $20 Cleveland Golf/Srixon Reward Card** & $10 Off Any Hot Deal Reservation+
  • 15 Reservations – Buy One Hot Deal Round Get One Free (up to $40)+
  • 20 Reservations – $20 off Deal Caddy Deal Purchase***
  • 25 Reservations – $25 Cleveland Golf/Srixon Reward Card**

– The Daily Tee

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