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You CAN Afford to Play Golf

The economy may be bouncing back, slowly but surely, but everyone is looking to save a buck these days and golfers are no different. It can be tough going out there if you are looking to get in a round and save money, but have no fear we have some tips for you so you can hit the links and enjoy some golf discounts while keeping some green in your wallet.

GolfNow – One of the best places to look for discount tee times is

The GolfNow website puts some great discount golf just a click away with over 100,000 tee times at more than 4,000 courses and resorts. And it’s not just tee times in the U.S. that are available. You can also get great prices on greens fees at courses in Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, Ireland and Scotland. Seriously – you can find a round for as low as $5 in San Francisco.

GolfNow even has an app so you can access tee times from anywhere 24/7 and a GPS feature allows you to find the closest available courses with a quick touch of the screen.

Play Nine – It may not be a full round but sometimes less can be more.

You’ll pay less than a full 18-hole round if you play just nine holes, plus you’ll focus on each hole even more knowing that you only have a front or back nine to play. Admit it, sometimes a round goes south after 12-13 holes and that long slog through the final holes does nothing for your game or confidence. You can find 9-hole rounds easily with GolfNow’s Play Nine web site.

Go Small – Par-3 courses, executive courses and pitch-and-putt courses offer an alternative to an expensive full round of golf and you still get in valuable practice with the scoring clubs.

Be Flexible – A number of courses have a deal for you if you are willing to play when they need you to. There are deals to be had if you are Okay with afternoon tee times, especially late afternoon, which isn’t a problem once the summer rolls around and the days are long. And don’t be afraid to call and get the lowdown on low greens fees – sometimes courses offer promotional discounts you can take advantage of.

Also be flexible about location. You may have to take a drive, but you might have luck finding golf at a good price at courses that are off the beaten path and not as crowded.

Sign Up: There’s nothing better than letting golf deals come to you, so you should sign up to get them from places like Deal Caddy and Groupon.

Deal Caddy has everything from deals on equipment and tee times and golf outings to magazines and everything golf-related in between. You can enter your location, as well to receive deals special to your area. Groupon offers great localized deals based on where you live, as well, but both are time-sensitive, so you’ll have to monitor the sites frequently and jump on offers when you have the chance.

So, why not save a little green AND get out onto the greens this weekend? Do you have any additional tips to save money on golf? We want to hear ’em!

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