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4 Reasons to Book Early with GolfNow

Want to beat your buddies to the best deals in golf? Here are four reasons why booking five or more days in advance is the best way to play!


1.Great selection – Hot Deals tee times go pretty fast, but the earlier you start looking for your next tee time, the bigger the selection! In fact, when you look five or more days out, there are hundreds of Hot Deals tee times to book at play.


2. Great rates – Speaking of great rates, our Hot Deals offer amazing value at some of the best courses—sometimes as much as 80% off—that are hard to find anywhere else. Search early and you’re more likely to find a great rate and stretch your golf budget even further.


3. Weather refunds – Book early and don’t worry about the weather—If the course is closed due to weather on the day you plan to play, your green fees are fully refundable. So, go ahead and plan your next round with friends while you’re standing on the course because there’s no reason to fear the forecast!


4. Redeem rewards – Have some GolfNow Rewards to use? Booking early – at least three days in advance – lets you apply those Rewards for even better prices, plus you’ll have the best pick of Hot Deals tee times available!


Check your calendar, start shopping for your next Hot Deals tee time early and you can fit even more golf into your year and your budget!


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0 responses to “4 Reasons to Book Early with GolfNow”

  1. Paul Richard says:

    Hello Changing the rule you have to book three days ahead if you use 10.00 dollars reward .I have not been able to use any due to weather changing all the .time.and friend won;t commit 3 days ahead.

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea and i really appreciate it. Please allow me to post some of my golf bags @

  3. Glenn H says:

    It’s obvious that the price advertised is barely discounted 3 or more days out.When the fee is added back in You might as well pay the regular( Sr.) rate and play when you want to.Agreed the new rule is unfair!

  4. Gary says:

    Changing the reward redemption rules really lessens my desire to use GN. I totally agree with Glenn H and Paul – It costs me more and rewards are less flexible and/or usable. Rewards were a major reason for me joining GN. With this not-so-well-thought-out change in the rules, rewards are 75% less valuable than before. I paid for the VIP program only to have the rules changed. Wow. Looking for a better program elsewhere.

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