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GolfNow Announces Winner for #GolfNowCaddielac

No more cruising around the office in our customized golf cart—the Caddielac is headed to its new owner.

Join us in sending a big “congratulations!” to Marisa H. of El Paso, Texas. The dedicated school teacher took up golf just a few years ago and has been hooked on it ever since, searching for rounds (and rewards) on GolfNow.

“I would like to thank GolfNow for being such a wonderful provider of great golf and for this awesome prize!” Marisa told us over the phone. “I am overwhelmed with joy! Heads are turning in the neighborhood as we drive around, and I can’t wait to take the Caddielac out on our home course at Vista Hills Country Club. Thank you again!”

We think Marisa's dog makes the cutest caddie!

We think Marisa’s dog makes the cutest caddie!

Enjoy cruising through town in the new ride, Marisa, and thank you to everyone who entered our GolfNow Caddielac giveaway.

Which reminds us – it might be time for another sweepstakes soon. Keep your eyes peeled for your next chance to win big with GolfNow and, in the meantime, we’ll see you on the course!

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