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GolfNow Announces Winner for “Play Ireland with Graeme McDowell” Sweepstakes

The entries are tallied and out of the thousands of golfers who entered, one lucky winner is heading across the pond to enjoy a round of golf in Ireland with Graeme McDowell.

Join us in congratulating Zachary S. from Decatur, Ill., as the winner! We caught up with Zachary after he received the great news for his thoughts on winning the grand prize.

“It’s just so crazy,” Zachary said. “It doesn’t seem real. I guess someone has to win but you never expect it to be you.”

Graeme Winner Zachary S

An avid golfer with a single-digit handicap, Zachary said our latest sweepstakes really appealed to him both for his love of golf and for his fascination with the history of the game.

“I thought it was very cool,” Zachary told us. “I knew about the Keegan Bradley one awhile back, and I put in for that one, as well. This one seemed more my style. The trip to Ireland is what really drew me in. I’m a big fan of golf history and links golf in general. I was like ‘wow, that would be really great if I won that.’”

The Play Ireland sweepstakes allowed contestants to enter once per day but Zachary only entered a few times.

“I follow a lot of golf blogs on the internet so that’s probably the first place I saw it,” Zachary said. “And of course I saw it on the commercials on TV a bunch. Probably the first time I entered was the end of May. I did the Twitter and Facebook entries, as well but only entered once or twice.”

Zachary said the aspect about the trip he is most excited about is getting to meet Graeme McDowell.

“Seeing a major winner like Graeme up close is what I’m most excited for,” Zachary said. “His short game, seeing his putting and just being in awe of how good these guys are from 100 yards and in and around the greens, just how pure they hit the ball, it’s all so cool. I’ve been to PGA TOUR events where you can’t get too close but I mean I’ll get to stand right next to him when we play, so that will be cool to watch him hit those shots from up close.”

Sweeps winner

The trip is also a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience that Zachary can’t wait for.

“I first said to my wife, ‘this is a golfer’s dream come true,’” Zachary said. “If I was planning a golf trip and picking a tour event, playing with a tour player, and going to the UK or the Islands where golf was basically invented, this would be it. It seems too good to be true. It’s surreal. I’ve been sitting this entire interview with a big smile on my face. It’s awesome.”

Zachary’s choice of beer to enjoy with Graeme after the round of golf? “Guinness or maybe a Black and Tan.”

7 responses to “GolfNow Announces Winner for “Play Ireland with Graeme McDowell” Sweepstakes”

  1. Lynnette says:

    Congratulations Zach!
    The luck of the Irish! Have a great time.

  2. Mike Atkinson says:

    try the Guinness and then try another one ! If you can hit up Lahinch and Old Head.

  3. Bill Gillard says:

    Zachary congratulations, just a little advise because you’ll be up North I would recommend if your having the beer mixed with Harp and Guiness call it half and half ; not black and tan.

  4. Ray Ludwigsen says:

    Congratulations Zach, I have to admit I am jealous.

  5. Joseph Tufano says:

    Zachary, you’re blessed brother…. Have a Great time !

  6. bumpandrun says:

    Congrats, this is an awesome prize!

  7. robert timchuck says:

    congratulations !! have a great time

  8. Chase Walker says:

    One of my favorite players. Have a great time and congrats on the win!

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