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He’s Back for Another GREAAAAAAAT Round

What do a carrier pigeon, an emu, and a hefty helping of haggis have in common? They’re all making cameo appearances with Old Tom Morris in several brand new GolfNow TV commercials!

You may have already seen the first few spots that began rolling out during THE PLAYERS Championship weekend – one featured Old Tom Morris trying to download the GolfNow mobile app onto a pigeon, and another a hilarious exchange between Old Tom and his rooster alarm clock, Winston.

Check out a few behind-the-scenes images we snapped during the filming of the new commercials:

There are more shenanigans on the way, too, so keep your eyes peeled for more great new GolfNow commercials.

To view all the newest GolfNow commercials featuring Old Tom Morris, visit our YouTube page.

Which Old Tom commercial is your favorite?

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  1. thebearded1 says:

    Great stuff…every one! Great to see a grand beard again on the fairway – may they multiply like crazy!

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